Top 5 Rivalries of The Rock in WWE

Let's have a look at the top 5 Rivalries of the Rock.

Top 5 Rivalries of The Rock in WWE
Top 5 Rivalries of The Rock in WWE

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been branded a variety of names. The Rock has been referred to as the People’s Champion, The Great One, and even a sellout in the past. While it’s no news that Johnson left the WWE to start a career in Hollywood, he left the WWE Universe with many unforgettable rivalries and segments. While the future is crucial, Rock’s past is what has shaped him into the superstar he is today.

The Rock’s promos were so good that the actual bout didn’t play a significant role in his rivalries. Who, on the other hand, is Johnson’s most formidable foe? Is it Triple H, or is it someone else? Vince McMahon, anyone? Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rattle Snake himself? There are too many rivalries to forecast with the number of rivalries! So I came up with a list of Johnson’s biggest rivalries, and it’s a must-read.

Top 5 Rivalries of The Rock

v/s D Generation X (DX)

triple h shawn michael
Triple H and Michaels founded DX

Whatever happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin obscured Johnson’s fight with Degeneration X. The Rock joined the Nation of Domination as Rocky Maivia in the late 1990s. Despite portraying a heel demeanor, The Rock’s reputation soared throughout his stint in the group. In a two-out-of-three-falls match, Johnson successfully defended his title. Triple H was given a rematch when the rivalry turned hot and belligerent.

One of the most vicious ladder battles ever took place between Triple H and Rock. With interference from DX and the Nation, the fate of Mark Henry and Chyna rested in their hands.

v/s The Big Show

Big Show
Big Show

The Rock’s rivalry with Big Show commenced at Royal Rumble 2000, and it is arguably Johnson’s most intense. The Rock and The Big Show were the remaining two contestants. Show launched a powerslam over the top rope in an attempt to eliminate Rock.

Rock stepped back into the arena and was crowned Rumble winner. Big Show objected to the ruling, citing a witness who indicated that Rock’s feet were the first to contact the ground. Despite the fact that Big Show presented video footage, the decision had already been made. At No Way Out, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon gave Big Show a No. 1 Contenders match. Big Show won the match and the chance to fight Triple H at WrestleMania after Shane McMahon interfered. On an episode of Raw, The Rock got a rematch and was able to reclaim his position at Mania.

v/s Booker T

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Booker T

When The Rock was vanquished by Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 17, he took a break from the WWF to film The Mummy Returns. After a cage match with Austin on RAW, Vince penalized him to justify his disappearance.

Both sides sought The Rock, but he was eventually returned to the WWF. This created a rivalry with Booker T, the WCW Champion. With a World Title bout scheduled for Summerslam, the two publicly abused one other in multiple segments on RAW and Smackdown.

As Booker started to use the Book End (Rock Bottom) more extensively, the rivals began to attack each other. Essentially, the conflict centred on the striking parallels between their gimmicks and trademarks. Although his best efforts, The Rock was able to defeat Booker, putting a stop to the feud.

v/s Mankind

masked wwe superstars

The Rock and Mankind’s animosity started with a double flip. The Rock confronted Mankind in the finals of the Deadly Game contest at Survivor Series 1998 for the vacated WWF Championship. As Rock switched heel, Mankind was booted out of the Organization and became a face. The Rock defended his title after Mankind choked him out with the Mandible Claw in a rematch. On an edition of RAW, Mankind was permitted a rematch, and with the help of Stone Cold, he won the WWF Championship.

A ladder match happened to be the final encounter in their feud. Mankind was seconds away from winning until the Big Show chokeslammed him off the top.

v/s Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the first and most evident pick. Austin swiftly beat Rock for the Intercontinental Championship in 1997, kicking off the Rock/Austin rivalry. Austin sought Vince McMahon’s intervention at WrestleMania X-Seven, flipping heel in the bargain. Austin reclaimed the WWF Championship after many chair shots. The next day on RAW, Triple H assisted Austin in a beat down on the Great One in a rematch.

After Stone Cold Steve Austin joined the Alliance, The Rock rejoined the WWF. The Rock beat Austin following a Rock Bottom in the winner-take-all bout at Survivor Series. Austin and Rock didn’t meet each other again until 2003, despite apparently several close calls.

The Great One dared Stone Cold Steve Austin to a rematch at WrestleMania after he returned to the WWF. After three Rock Bottoms, The Rock ultimately beat Austin in a memorable match. This was Austin’s final match in the WWE, and he battled The Rock for the last time.

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