Top 5 rumors for the upcoming WWE Raw episode

Checkout the Top 5 rumors for the upcoming episode of WWE Raw. It will be the go-home episode before WWE Elimination Chamber.

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WWE Raw has recently been struggling with their viewership ratings. But since the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, WWE has been putting up solid shows for the Red brand. The company is now gearing up for their next PPV of 2021, Elimination Chamber.

So far, 5 matches have been announced for Elimination Chamber. The upcoming episode of Raw will be the final episode before the PPV airs on 21st February, 2021. We could get complete clarity on the match card for Chamber on Raw.

With Elimination Chamber just days away, here are Top 5 rumors for the upcoming episode of WWE Raw.

#5 Jeff Hardy is replaced by a returning Superstar, for the Elimination Chamber match

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Jeff Hardy

Hardy is not being pushed at all to be in a WWE Championship match. He has been consistently losing in his matches on WWE Raw. Fans have showed their displeasure with Jeff’s inclusion in the match.

The only reason Hardy could be in the match is that WWE needs someone to do the highflying action. But rumors suggest that Hardy might get injured in his match on Raw. The match will take place between all the participants of the Elimination Chamber match. The winner would get the advantage of entering the match last.

Hardy, will suffer a storyline injury, because of which he would be deemed unfit for Elimination Chamber. Reportedly, the Modern-day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal will be replacing him.

#4 Andrade returns to support Charlotte Flair

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Andrade and Charlotte Flair

Last week on Raw, Charlotte Flair snapped on her father, Ric Flair. This resulted in Lacey Evans earning a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship. She will be facing Asuka at the Elimination Chamber.

But this feud between Charlotte and Ric might be the perfect time for Andrade to make a return. He could return on Raw to support his lady-love, Charlotte Flair.

#3 Sheamus and Randy Orton might team up

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Orton and Sheamus

Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt will not be appearing on this week’s Raw. This means that Randy Orton has no real opponent to take care off currently. With his focus completely on his Gauntlet match, Randy Orton might decide to team up with Sheamus.

Sheamus and Orton are currently the top heels on the Red-brand roster. They might decide to take out other opponents first. Then we might see a final face-off between Orton and Sheamus to earn the last entrant spot in Elimination Chamber.

#2 Rhea Ripley goes after Asuka

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Rhea Ripley

Since the departure of Becky Lynch, the WWE Raw Women’s Championship has not been the same. While Asuka did have some exciting matches, but currently it seems that WWE has no concrete plans.

But things might change with the debut of Rhea Ripley on the main roster. Reports suggested that alongwith Damian Priest, Ripley has also been bumped to the main roster. If thie turns out to be true, WWE is bound to give her a shot at the WWE title.

#1 MVP invites Keith Lee to join The Hurt Business

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Keith Lee is a former WWE NXT Champion

Keith Lee, Bobby Lashley and Riddle are scheduled to face off in a triple threat match for the United States Championship. But in reality it seems Lee is the only real threat to Lashley’s title.

So MVP might offer Lee a spot on The Hurt Business. Obviously, the offer wont go down well with Lee and he might destroy MVP.

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