Top Forgotten Guns in Call of Duty History

This article is all about, The Top Forgotten Guns in Call of Duty history. COD has given of its largest weapons, rosters within the franchise.


This article is all about, The Top Forgotten Guns in Call of Duty history. COD has given of its largest weapons, rosters within the franchise. There are iconic weapons found within the Call of Duty series. Some of these have even given inspiration to the weapons that appear in other games.

We’ve been having a great time playing with a whole lot of classic guns and weapons from the Call of Duty series, with Call of Duty: Mobile drawing inspiration and content from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops games. Call of Duty Mobile recently saw the inclusion of the Rust map in ranked multiplayer so it is necessary to have a good load out to get victory.

The Shotgun is the most forgotten Gun in history of COD

Shotgun is a type of weapon featured in the Call of Duty series. In nearly all Call of Duty multiplayer modes, shotguns are primary weapons. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Unlike other firearms, most shotguns fire a volley of multiple pellets at a time, but have a limited range.

These traits make shotguns extremely devastating at close range, but literally useless at a distance. Shotguns can be manually cocked, pump-action, lever-action (where the user must pump/cycle the lever between shots), semi-automatic, or fully automatic. 

Browning M1919

 World at War has some incredible upsides. Its magazine was huge, did the same damage from any range, and only took a few shots to finish an opponent. It was unlocked rather late, so many more weapons were given priority. The thing was just so slow. Many people didn’t touch it once it was obtained.

However, the downside is that there was no time to aim down the sights before the user would be killed. 

 M320 GLM

M320 Grenade Launcher Module - Wikipedia

The M320 GLM is a starting weapon in the Mission Mode missions “Toxic Paradise”, “Server Crash”, “Invisible Threat”, and “Light ‘Em Up”. Like the Thumper in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it can be fired from the hip only in Special Ops. As with all launchers, save the RPG-7, it is unavailable in Survival Mode.

Modern Warfare 3 had more launchers in it than any other Call of Duty game. This weapon was a noob tube brought to solitude. It was a stand-alone grenade launcher and wasn’t a giant rocket. It didn’t shoot bullets. 

 Double Barrelled Shotgun

The Double-Barrelled Shotgun is semi-automatic, firing at 212 RPM. This rate of fire is extremely slow for a semi-automatic weapon, but it’s much faster than the M1897 Trench Gun. Using Double Tap will allow the user to fire at 283 RPM. It looked to start a new trend with shotguns in COD, but games to come after did not do justice.

This weapon was actually perfect. Of course, it could only shoot two shots before reloading, but it was mighty powerful. The range is the issue here, and why many can’t remember it.


MW3 In Depth - CM901 Assault Rifle - YouTube

The CM901 is an assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The weapon was first seen in the Special Ops reveal trailer. It seems MW3 and WAW host some of the most forgettable weapons throughout the entirety of cod.

This assault rifle had great damage but an awful range and fire rate. To add to that, it’s accuracy is poor, too. This weapon is truly unforgettable because of the number of assault rifles better than it. It is that simple.


MW2 GOLDEN M1014 SHOTGUN [Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2] [Skin Mods]

The M1014 is a shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The original MW brought players the COD they know and love today. The weapons are iconic and have been repeated throughout other COD titles.

So this article is all about, The Top Forgotten Guns in Call of Duty history.

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