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Red Bull or Aston Martin will come up with a better solution than Mercedes: Toto Wolff

Mercedes Team Principal reveals his team could be outplayed in getting a better solution by other teams like Red Bull and Aston Martin in 2022

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

Mercedes are undoubtedly the masters of innovation and technology themselves and their dominance from past 7 years depict just that. The likes of Red Bull, McLaren, Aston Martin etc. have tried to close the gap onto Silver Arrows. But that hasn’t been the case. With the 2022 regulations around the corner, the cars in the 2021 F1 season are not expected to be very different from last year’s challengers. 

However, from a downforce, aerodynamics, and tires’ perspective, there are quite a few changes that can directly influence teams’ results. Having said that, Team Principal Toto Wolff did not rule out the fact that Mercedes could be outplayed by other teams in getting a better solution. 

It has been the story for quite a few campaigns now, with Ferrari and Red Bull changing hands for that runner-up position. But naturally, the coveted champions’ spot is where both teams want to be. 

Toto Wolff claims Mercedes could be at a Big Advantage than Red Bull or Aston Martin 

Wolff stated, “The change to the sub-floor, from which a part is cut out, is decisive in technology. This forced a rethink in the entire concept.” 

These aerodynamic tweaks are, hence, where other teams have an opportunity to give Mercedes a run for their money. 

Therefore, we cannot rule out that Red Bull Racing or Aston Martin will come up with a better solution,” concluded the 49-year-old Austrian. 

Based on the evidence in 2020, Red Bull cut down the time gap to Mercedes in qualifying in the last few races. Additionally, the experience of Sergio Perez can only help the Milton Keynes-based outfit. 

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