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Toto Wolff worried over Mercedes F1 Prospects: Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott reveals Toto Wolff is worried about F1 prospects for the team after 2021 season

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

There is no denial in Mercedes domination on the grid since the dawn of hybrid era in 2014. Having won every possible championship under Toto Wolff, Mercedes can never un-deny the leadership of the Austrian. Going for their 8th championship in 2021, Mechanical Director, Mike Elliott reveals interesting facts about Toto Wolff 

The team is working for their eighth title; however, their eyes are also set on the 2022 season. The new technical regulations can have a significant impact on Mercedes’ domination. 

Mercedes Technical Director, Mike Elliott reveals Toto Wolff worried over team’s F1 Prospects 

Mike Elliott, Mercedes’ technology director, talked about the team’s remarkable success. Highlighting Wolff’s contribution, he spoke about Toto’s hard-working mentality and his strive to constantly improve. 

“I think any company is made of its people, that’s where its key strength is. I think we have a very strong team – not just technically, the morale and the culture is really strong.” 

“There is a want to work together and I think Toto is an interesting character, he definitely is a glass half-full type of person,” said Elliott as per Planet F1. Elliott also believes the aero regulations are enough to topple them from the top of the table. 

Mike Elliott pointed out that there is a reason for that success, a mentality that makes it happen. He added, “He looks for all the opportunities to improve and develop…and worries. 

“And I think when you look at long-term success. Actually long-term success is difficult because gradually the cards get stacked against you and it’s really easy to get concerned and not take risks because you don’t want to lose what you’ve got,” he explained. 

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