Tottenham Hotspur Announced To Return In Training Grounds: Reports


Tottenham Hotspur becomes the latest side to announce their return to the training grounds following the suspension of football due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The club has declared that the training will start in a limited capacity and all the players will follow the social distancing guidelines.

“The club shall be making a limited number of pitches available at our training centre for members of our first-team squad to use for individual running sessions on a strict rotational basis,” Tottenham said in an official statement.

“No more than one player per pitch will be permitted at any one time to undertake on-pitch exercise, with only a restricted number of the squad coming to the Training Centre each day,” the statement added.

The training of the players will begin from later today and the club clarified that the each players will be travelling independently and once the training is over, immediately players will headed towards their home.

Before the suspension of the Premier League season, Tottenham was placed at the eighth position with 41 points.

All the sporting events has been postponed indefinitely or cancelled due to The Novel Coronavirus pandemic.


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