TSG Ritik Free Fire ID, stats, Headshot rate, monthly income, and more revealed for July 2021

Ritik Jain, otherwise known as TSG Ritik is a prominent personality in the Indian Free fire community. Let us look at his Free Fire ID, stats, earnings and more here.

tsg ritik

Ritik Jain, otherwise popularly known by the name TSG Ritik is one of the prominent content creators and YouTubers in the Free Fire community. TSG Ritik alongside his cousin TSG Jash is the most loved duo in the community and are well-known for their gameplay and brotherhood. People love to see them playing together.

Free Fire is popular for its characters, features, and quick-paced battle game in the Battle Royale Genre. Several content creators across the world have been creating content around this game since its launch in 2017.

TSG Ritik whose real name is Ritik Jain co-owns a YouTube channel named Two-Side gamers that currently has 8.25 million subscribers. His channel name is Two Side Gamers and it has accumulated nearly 270K subscribers and 60 Million in the last 30 days.

Let us dive into details like TSG Ritik Free Fire ID, stats, and other information in July 2021.

TSG Ritik Free Fire ID and stats

TSG Ritik Free Fire ID is 124975352.

tsg ritik free fire id

Gyan Sujan Free Fire Stats

Lifetime stats

tsg ritik free fire
  • Squad Mode
S.NO.statsTSG Ritik
3Win Ratio19.40%
4Headshot Rate20.08%
6KD Ratio2.84
  • Duo Mode
S.NO.statsTSG Ritik
3Win Ratio35.92%
4Headshot Rate16.13%
6KD Ratio2.15
  • Solo Mode
S.NO.statsTSG Ritik
3Win Ratio35.92%
4Headshot Rate29.50%
6KD Ratio2.24

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CS Career

tsg ritik free fire id
S.NO.statsTSG Ritik
3Win Ratio35.92%
4Headshot Rate27.50%
6KD Ratio1.41

Ranked Stats

tsg ritik free fire id
  • Squad Mode
S.NO.statsTSG Ritik
3Win Ratio35.92%
4Headshot Rate28.74%
6KD Ratio3.80

Ritik has not got a single booyah in this ranked season and had only 1 match in duo and solo mode in which he had secured 1 & 4 kills respectively.

Note: The stats which are listed above were recorded at the time of writing. They are subjected to change as YouTubers play regularly.

TSG Ritik YouTube channel

Ritik Jain, AKA TSG Ritik is the co-owner of a YouTube channel named Two Side Gamers along with his cousin TSG Jash. The Duo streams and plays Free Fire regularly. Moreover, they post vlogs, funny challenges and they also play GTA V, Fall Guys and Among us. The channel currently holds a subscriber count of 8.25 Million subscribers and a total of 1306 videos were posted so far on their channel.

TSG Ritik Monthly Earnings

Adobe Post 20210724 1339560.5723238063017175 - FirstSportz
TSG Ritik Free Fire ID, stats, Headshot rate, monthly income, and more revealed for July 2021 2

According to Social Blade, Ritik’s estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are between $15.2K and $242.9K. Meanwhile, his yearly earnings are between $182.2K and $2.9M.

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