Battlegrounds Mobile India: TSM and Entity end their partnership

TSM and Entity have decided to separate their ways before the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This move comes as a shock to many PUBG Mobile lovers.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: TSM and Entity end their partnership
TSM and Entity

One of the most renowned teams of PUBG Mobile India TSM Entity which is a partnership between TSM and Entity have ended their partnership according to the latest reports.

PUBG Mobile lovers often look to their favourite teams and streamers to learn about their awe-inspiring gameplay techniques like clutches, AR gun sprays, finger-claw technique and TSM Entity was one such team which had assembled lakhs of fans in India.

About TSM Entity

Battlegrounds Mobile India: TSM and Entity end their partnership
TSM Entity

TSM Entity is an Indian PUBG Mobile team which is a partnership of TSM and Enity. While TSM is an American ESports organisation created around the community website by brothers Andy “Reginald” Dinh and Dan “Dan Dinh” in September 2009. Entity Gaming is an Indian Organization. TSM and Entity entered into a partnership on 6th March,2020

TSM Entity has given us many remarkable players of PUBG Mobile like Ghatak (Abhijeet Harishchandra), Jonathan (Jonathan Jude Amaral), ClutchGod (Vivek Aabhas Horo) and many other admired players. Ghatak is currently the coach of this team. His role in the game is that of a supporter. The team is managed by Siddhanth Joshi.

Some of the former players of TSM Entity are Paritosh (Paritosh Sharma),BIGPAPA (Sakriya Puri),Torpedo (Mehul Dey) etc.

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TSM and Entity ending partnership

Battlegrounds Mobile India: TSM and Entity end their partnership
TSM Entity Champions

After Battlegrounds Mobile India which is specially dedicated to Indian users was released in its Beta version, various speculations are being formed on organising an official tournament just after the public version of the game is thrown open to the players.

Several top-ranked ESports organisation are finding a hard time to shortilise players who could represent their ESports Organisation. With so many astonishing players around the country, selecting the best out of the best would surely be a difficult task.

However, just before the launch, it has been reported that TSM has decided to drop the Battlegrounds Mobile India rosters i.e. many Indian players like Jonathan and Clutchgod who represented the team in PUBG Mobile, will not be representing the ESports organisation at the official tournaments of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: TSM and Entity end their partnership
PMSI Champions

The separation comes as a shock towards the players as the rosters displayed an impressive performance in the PUBG Mobile India Series,2020 which bagged them the 1st position. The team also stood 2nd in the PUBG Mobile Pro League- Spring Split South Asia Finals. Having top-class players like Jonathan who is one of the best assaulters in PUBG and ZGod, another astounding assaulter, TSM’s sudden decision of ending this partnership is really unexpected.

The reason for this decision to drop the rosters just before the launch of the game still remains obscure. The rosters might still choose to stay together and it would be thrilling to know which ESports organisation bags the extremely talented team. TSM might also plan to build a new BGMI roster and enter Battlegrounds Mobile India tournaments.

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