TSM India officially bids farewell to their BGMI roster consisting of star players

TSM India officially announces that the organization is now cutting its ties with their former PUBG Mobile (current BMGI) roster consisting of star players like Jonathan, Zgod and more.

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TSM India BGMI roster has some of the World-class players who had played and won several PUBG Mobile tournaments and has been one of the most dominating teams in the world when it comes to PUBG Mobile, which is currently known as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a Battle royal game developed for the Indian region derived from PUBG Mobile, the popular game banned in India (in 2020). With its comeback, the game has been the buzz in the community and all are desperate to bring their new rosters into the newly launched game’s eSports scene. Since the game is exclusive to India, players from other regions are not eligible to play the game or participate in any tournaments or events of BGMI.

With Krafton coming up with the BGMI’s first league tournament, several organizations are bringing up their teams containing star professional players. Some are making changes, additions to their rosters. The latest news came to light that the popular organization Team Solo Mid, otherwise known as TSM drops their former PUBG mobile roster which is now the BGMI roster. There were several reports made earlier that the organization is likely to part its ways with the roster. It turns out to be true as the TSM Ind officially made the announcement of dropping their roster on their social media handles.

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TSM India drops their BGMI roster

tsm india
Snippet from PMIS 2020 Grand Finals Live stream

TSM India made it to Instagram revealing the news that they are cutting off ties with their BGMI/PUBG Mobile roster. The players who were on the roster are some of the world’s best players and they had shown destruction to some of the best teams in the world. The roster contains the following players:

  • Ghatak (Abhijeet Andhare):Support
  • ClutchGod (Vivek Aabhas Horo): IGL/Assaulter
  • JONATHAN (Jonathan Amaral): Assaulter
  • Neyoo (Suraj Majumdar): Entry Fragger/Assaulter
  • ZGOD (Abhishek Choudhary): Support/Assaulter

TSM acquired this roster from Entity Gaming back in March 2020 which led to the formation of the TSM entity. Clutchgod had joined after this formation.

TSM Entity Achievements:

As we have mentioned earlier, this roster has been one of the best and dominating teams in the world when it comes to PUBG Mobile. They have won several Tournaments and got some of the best finishes in global-level official tournaments. The team is currently dominating the overall points table of Skyesports Invitational BGMI scrims with Jonathan being the best performer.

1stPUBG Mobile India Series 2020
1st PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia
2ndPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals
2ndPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia RS
2ndGamers Without Borders 2020: Asia

The team was always known for its aggressive gameplay. There are reports that TSM is likely to acquire the former Satrwalt PUBGM roster but it is not confirmed. With almost every star lineup have signed various rosters, it would be difficult for the organization to pick their roster. It would be interesting to see how TSM makes a comeback with their roster.

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