“Turnovers Twice!”: NFL fans go crazy after Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams share two fumbles in a row

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Rams commit two turnovers in a row during 4th quarter giving us another nail biter

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers led by Tom Brady vs The Los Angeles Rams led by Matthew Stafford matchup is getting spicy at the end due to both the teams feeling pressure and turning over the ball due to stupid plays which they normally won’t.

The Los Angeles Rams and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fumbled the ball twice in consecutive plays which sent all the fans in the world in disarray as they haven’t seen anything like this before in a game of this magnitude.

Watch: Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams share double fumbles in the 4th quarter

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Rams vs Bucs

Tom Brady fumbled the ball after getting strip-sacked by Von Miller in the 4th quarter of the game in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trailing a huge lead by the Rams.

When the ball was taken off Brady everyone in the stadium and around the world thought that the game was over but on the very next play, The Los Angeles Rams turned it over following a miscommunication between the Rams center and Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford as the center started the snap by throwing the ball back to Stafford but Stafford was not aware that the snap had started and the ball flew back resulting in a Rams turnover as Bucs secured the ball giving them a lifeline.

Due to these two turnovers happening in successive plays everyone around the world went insane as they haven’t seen something like this before in a game that is of this big magnitude.

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The Los Angeles Rams still have a big lead in this game and will be hoping to secure this big win and play the San Francisco 49ers next week in the NFC Conference Final and keep their Super Bowl dream alive.

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