Twitter reacts as Tom Brady Won A Gazillion More Hearts With This Sweet Gesture For A Young Kid

Watch how Tom Brady won over countless hearts with this incredible gesture for the little kid.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady has not just won hearts on the field but off the field too, he is nothing short of a superhero as he keeps on helping kids who are in dire need of it and inspiring them to a new life, filled with hope, dreams, and belief. As usual, Brady was absolutely sublime in the game against the Bears, throwing four remarkable touchdown passes while that also saw him penning history with the 600th touchdown pass, 29 more than the icon in the second position, Drew Brees.

The Bucs ripped open the Bears as they registered a 38-3 victory on Sunday night, also marking the finest start for the opening seven games in the history of the franchise. However, what stood out more than the historical moment created by Brady was the hand of love that he extended towards the young kid. With 7:58 remaining on the clock, the Bucs quarterback was replaced by Blaine Gabbert.

Tom Brady left the kid absolutely starstruck

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Young Fan in tears after Tom Brady gave him his cap.

This is when Brady made way to the young kid in the stands and gave away the historic match ball as his sign read, “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer.” The kid couldn’t believe what had just unfolded and was visibly in tears to a spectacle that moved the entire world alike. Brady greeted the fan, put a cap on his head and shook his hands, which left the young fan overwhelmed with emotions.

Tom Brady meets young fans who survived brain cancer
Tom Brady meets the young boy who survived cancer

When Brady was asked about the special moment with the sweet kid, the age-defying NFL icon said, “It puts a lot in perspective, what we’re doing on the field … In the end it doesn’t mean much compared to what so many people go through.” Just to give you all a heads-up, the charitable work that Brady does off the field is already too staggering to be unparalleled, another feat racked up by the game’s finest.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady gesture wins hearts

Here is the video of the post-match press conference where you can watch what Brady said when he was asked about the young boy.

Play of the Game: Not Tom Brady’s No. 600. How about this moment when he handed a hat to a little boy who held up a sign that read “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer” This was better than any TD Brady has EVER throw,” one user said on Twitter after Brady’s heartwarming gesture.

“I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about Tom Brady. The kid had a sign that said, ‘Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer’,” said another user.

“It was not a good week for the Niners but on other news Tom Brady score his 600 TD and gave a hat to a kid holding a sign that read, ‘Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer’,” said another user.

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