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Tyson Fury on Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor lost his much-anticipated rematch against Dustin Poirier and there were many factors that contributed to his loss.

The devastating leg kicks from Dustin Poirier played an important factor in the fight, these kicks completely destroyed McGregor’s lead leg and hence destroying his mobility, Conor was preparing for his fight against the boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and because of that he was using a boxing stance and Dustin took advantage of this thing.

Another thing that caused him this fight was his inactivity, Conor himself claimed that inactivity doesn’t spar even the best, he said he wants some more time in the octagon and Tyson Fury believed this was indeed the case, after the fight he commented that Conor just needs to spend some more time in the octagon and he’ll be good to go.

He believes Conor is putting in the work and said, “I think he thrives under pressure like that and providing does a good training camp and gets to the ring injury free, he should be okay.”

Tyson Fury appreciates the work Conor is putting in for the trilogy

Tyson Fury on Conor McGregor - FirstSportz
Tyson Fury on Conor McGregor

According to dana White Conor Mcgregor is absolutely obsessed with the rematch and hes been putiing in a lot of work for the same, Tyson Fury also acknowledges his effort.

He said, “He’s been in the ring now, he’s been active. He’s had that training camp. Bit more activity. I think he’ll get focused and do what he’s got to do in the rematch.”

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