UFC 251 Main Event Kamaru Usman Vs. Jorge Masvidal

UFC 251 Main Event Kamaru Usman Vs. Jorge Masvidal

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Usman, the welterweight champion defended his restraint for the second time at UFC 251 on Yas Island after defeating Jorge Masvidal and ended up being a powerful sight of dominance.


The 170-pound king is now 12-0 in the UFC and took the unquestioned decision triumph (50-45 x 2, 49-46) to beat Masvidal, who took the fight on six days’ notice after a positive COVID-19 test impels Gilbert Burns out of the headline act.

Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal

Round 1


Both fighters are so relaxed. Masvidal started with an outside leg kick and then inside but Usman catches the kick and lands on top in Masvidal’s full guard. With elbows and punches, Masvidal active and Usman just laying heavy.

Both players overshadowing each other.Masvidal grinning on the bottom now and pulling Usman’s head down. Masvidal scrambles out of the position and Usman stays heavy on his upper back. Usman shoots forward and pushes Masvidal to the cage and drops a takedown but Masvidal stays strong.

However, strong right overtook for Masvidal and helping him maintain his balance and post on him against the cage. Laying against Masvidal, Usman draining him. They reset. Jon Anik reveals that a fight of heads has freed a cut under Masvidal’s left eye. Usman finishes the round with heavy body punches against the cage.

Even though Usman controls the flow of the fight but Masvidal having a huge concussion right now.


Round 2

The plan may be to target Masvidal’s body and slow him down as Usman lands body to the left hand. Usman attempts to throw Masvidal but he balanced and stays standing. Masvidal with an overlook, staying calm with his back against the cage. Usman with foot stomps and knees to the legs of Masvidal.

Usman back onto him and pushes him to the cage again. Usman strangling Masvidal and reaching body punches. A nice punch lands for Usman as they separate again. Usman now pushing Masvidal back to the cell again and now Usman pushing Masvidal back to the cage again.

Commentator Jon Anik asserts that the second clash has emptied another cut on Masvidal’s head. Usman struggling to push Masvidal against the cage and mixing up strikes to the body with knees to the leg. Shoulder strikes now. They reset and Masvidal began with kicks and saved his energy and was all set to rumble when they returned to striking span.


Round 3

Masvidal is gasping heavily and donning with two cuts from the clashes. Seems Usman controlling the fight but Masvidal is risky when he has a chance to detonate. Back to foot stomps and knees to the thighs. Masvidal insulates but doesn’t move from the cage and instead stands his grounds and fires some strikes and allows Usman to shoot forward again and push him to the cage again. A low blow from Usman supposes Masvidal to rest for a moment after referee Goddard walks in to pause the action.

The fight restarts and they’re all set on the center of the cage. Masvidal opens up with a fire a right hook but Usman evades. Another big smash takedown for Usman while Masvidal hurries and recovers full guard. Usman staying heavy and bringing elbows down now. Usman has been controlling the position and pace of the round so far. More elbows from top to finish the round.

Round 4


Usman began with an immediate single leg takedown attempt to start round four. He has back straight to the same position that controlled for the last two rounds. He’s leaning against Masvidal and ripping the body with right hooks and working the legs and feet of Masvidal with his right leg. Not the most exciting fight, but Usman has been dominating since the end of round one.

Masvidal pushing and trying to force Usman to retreat and he does after landing a heavy blow. Masvidal now has the center of the cage and he comes in with a spinning back-fist that almost allows Usman to shoot for another takedown. Exchanging heavy shots now. Usman landing punches and then pushes his way back against the cage again. Usman’s been controlling this fight against the cage and Masvidal hasn’t had an answer for the strong clinch game.

Round 5

A slow start to the last round . Standing still and Usman comes forward to secures another takedown and heaps Masvidal and then falls into full guard. Staying heavy on top. Masvidal stuck underneath now. Masvidal throwing his legs up to try and switch position.


Usman now in side control with two minutes remaining. Elbows from the top and Masvidal trying to escape. Masvidal scrambles and shoots for a single-leg but Usman stays on top. Masvidal stands. Usman still smothering him. Hard elbow from Masvidal and then a big right hand. Only 20 seconds remaining and he’s trying everything. A flying knee endeavour misses.

Official Result: Kamaru Usman def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46).