UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno preliminary results

The UFC preliminary results are here.

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UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno preliminary results 2

Two thrilling matchups will be the main attraction of UFC 256 tonight, a lineup of very skilled fighters who look to climb in ranks will be featured today in preliminary rounds.

Preliminary results:

Strawweight: Tecia Torres vs. Sam Hughes

Tecia Torres def. Sam Hughes by TKO in round 1: The fight went in the direction which favored Torres clearly as she dominated with her striking. She threw good shots including a nice superman punch. The fight was later stopped after the round as Hughes could not see from her left eye.

Round 1:

Early trading of low kicks, mostly from Hughes. Torres throws a superman punch. Strong in-center combination. Spinning a back fist then a flurry, causing Hughes to take it on the fence. One minute inside.  Torres overturns and breaks. Returns to low kicks. Torres hit a low kick with another Superman punch, then a sweep two minutes in. Soon after, Side Kick. Superman punch lands clean. Hughes lands a jab. Torres with body Shots.  Strike with double leg. Hughes catches one, attempts to tie it up, and for her trouble takes a heavy punch combo. Torres’ slams Hughes to the ground, getting a guillotine. Torres 10-9.

Hughes then tells her corner that she cannot see out of her left eye and with careful analysis she is asked to not continue fighting by her coach to which she refuses. An official looks into the fight and is forced to stop the fight after making a call to stop the fight for medical reason.

Winner: Torres def. Hughes by TKO (eye injury)

Featherweight: Billy Quarantillo vs. Gavin Tucker

Gavin Tucker def. Billy Quarantillo via unanimous decision: Tucker made quite a statement to the featherweight division. His take down gae was cery controlling and Quarantillo could not handle his pressure.

Round 1:

Right hook early from Tucker. Quantillo throwing kicks . Tucker’s low kick lands, then his right hook and his body kick land. With a lead right, 1-2, and body kick, Quarantillo and Tucker to tie up.  Tucker then trips him backwards, but Quarantillo gets back up. Counter hook, as Quarantillo presses forward by Tucker. Good exchange. Tucker throws knee and an inside elbow then a right counter hook. Quarantillo eats a flurry in return with a front kick downstairs. Another hard knee from Tucker. Then a 1-2 from Tucker. Quarantillo and Tucker clinch. Double left thrown by Tucker, then strikes body. Clinches, Tucker knees. They trade in the center with a minute to go. Quarantillo answers with left hooks of his own and they trade knees. Tucker lands one more elbow as they break, eats left hook. Clean head kick and straight left hand by Tucker, who gets taken down and fights it off. He lands one of his own before the bell. 10-9 Tucker.

Round 2:

Back to the quick exchanges right away. Tucker’s combination, then a three-piece and a head kick behind it. Good knee and counter step-in left as Quarantillo attacks the body. 1-2 Tucker. Left hand, head to knee. A minute’s brutal elbow in. Another knee, a hard elbow on the break. In return, Sharper punches Tucker, eats the knees inside. Knee Uppercut. They trade the knees and tie up the body. Two minutes in another Tucker elbow. Straight left, clean. Both right hands land inside.  A pretty three-piece. Tucker takes him to the fence and grabs a lock on his rear waist.

Looking for Tucker’s back, but cannot get it, he landed a knee on the way to the top. Right hands from Quarantillo land, who succumbs to side control on an outside trip.  Quarantillo is trapped by a guard, but is unable to keep him down. Sharp lands counter from Tucker and trade knees.  Combo by Quarantillo after a good knee landing. Tucker’s foot sweep takes a knee to the gut. Tucker 10-9.

Round 3:

Quarantillo moves forward again, but he is tagged by Tucker with two good punches. Quarantillo is still walking through it and trying to look to attack. In a clinch, Tucker gets him off-balance, but can not complete the takedown. He got hurt after Tucker throws a punch  and a knee to the chin inside. Tucker once more gets him to the floor. Tucker would roll around and try to get to his feet. He can’t quite get there and he goes to get to his feet. For another takedown, he drives forward. He gets it but Quarantillo moves back to his feet once again. Tucker stays with him and places him down again.  Finally, Tucker settles for side control, but Quarantillo fumbles. There’s absolutely no stopping his game. Tucker keeps it tight, scoring one final takedown. Strong through to the end. Tucker, 10-9

Winner: Gavin Tucker def. Billy Quarantillo via unanimous decision:

Lightweight: Rafael Fiziev vs. Renato Moicano

Rafael Fiziev def. Renato Moicano by KO : Rafael Fiziev secured a good win and is definitely en route to be a contender. He secured a beautiful win again Moicano by dropping him with a clean left hand.

Round 1:

Moicano in the middle and eats speedy low kick from Fiziev. Two straight punches from Moicano. Fiziev once again to the leg. Good traight punches down the middle, Moicano answers. Moicano’s high kick lands. A low kick to Fiziev and then a straight punch behind it. Moicano responds right down the middle. It’s an eye poke, but they’re fighting on. Quick and accurate sttrikes from both men. Moicano is shooting a distance. Down the middle, Moicano lands a straight punch. He attacks Fiziev’s legs again. On a couple of strikes, Fiziev loads up, but Moicano dodges really well. Fiziev lands a combo of kicks, left to the body, right to the head. Moicano looks hurt and stunned. Another left lands clean to the chin, and Moicano hits the floor. Moicano stumbles as he tries to get up.

Winner: Rafael Fiziev def. Renato Moicano by KO 

Featherweight: Daniel Pineda vs. Cub Swanson

Cub Swanson def. Daniel Pineda by KO

Round 1:

Pineda attempts a head kick. A good low kick was answered with a right hand. On the break an uppercut and left hook thrown. Swanson igoes in with his right hand, eating another leg kick. More low powerful kicks. Swanson switches his stance, landing a good shot combo. The sharp right hand lead.   With a lead right in return, Pineda knocks him back, then a spinning kick . Heavy right by Swanson. After landing a leg kick, Pineda slips and goes for a lef. In the half guard that Swanson sets up. In order to establish a triangle, Pineda switches to an armbar, can’t get it and stands connected to Swanson. They’re separated. Swanson, takes a calf kick followed by spinning back kick. Pineda secures top position. Swanson is scrambling up and a sharp right hand lands. Pineda goes for a leg kick but is then on the receiving end of a 1-2 which drops him. On the ground, Swanson tries to finish him, and then gave him room to stand. Swanson was highly offensive then  As Swanson attacks, Pineda attempts a spinning elbow strike. Swanson lands a good and clean right hand but it is not enough, then a series of elbows as the round closes. Swanson 10-9.

Round 2:

Swanson lands a nice uppercut. Pineda looks shook.. Swanson’s hard right hand lands. Pineda goes for a head kick then a c alf kick.  On the fence, Swanson is on defence.  Swanson’s tough punches land and a massive right hand sends Pineda to the floor. He lands one more as Pineda is left on the floor.

Winner: Cub Swanson def. Daniel Pineda by KO

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