UFC 258 (Co-Main Event): Maycee Barber vs Alexa Grasso

In the most anticipated UFC 258: Co-main event, "Alexa Grasso" defeated "Maycee Barber" via "unanimous decision".

Maycee Barber and Alexa Grasso

The most-anticipated UFC 258: Co-main event fight between Maycee Barber (8-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC), Alexa Grasso (12-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC), marks the comeback of Maycee Barber from a devastating injury and “Alexa Grasso” won the fight via “unanimous decision”.

Round 1: The round started a little slow with both fighters trying to measure out their opponent, Barber tries some shots but misses and Grasso lands some well timed counters and lands some leg kicks as well. Barber gets her in the clinch to land some knees but Grasso switches position and is now landing some shots of her own. Grasso again lands some shots and finished the round strong. 10-9 in favor of Grasso

Round 2: The round started with Maycee trying to find her range but couldn’t land anything clean, Grasso on the other hand is finding her groove she lands some clean shots and even rocks Barber, but Barber clinches and get some separation from the ferocious striking and just as the round was ending she lands a big right hand.

Wonderful performance from Alexa Grasso to get the decision

Alexa Grasso

Round 3: Maycee came out swinging big and trying to end the fight because she knows the decision might not be in her favor, but Grasso is keeping her calm and is still landing some shots. Barber lands some nice shots and get in the clinch to hit her with some knees. Grasso got out of there and lands some clean shots. Barber pushes hard but couldn’t finish the fight in the third.

Result: Alexa Grasso won the fight against Maycee Barber via unanimous decision (29-28).

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