UFC 258: Play by Play live results, Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns

UFC 258 is a war between the former teammates Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns in the main event. Stay here for live updates of UFC 258.

Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns

UFC 258 is all set to headline the main event between former teammates and training partners Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns. The champion Kamaru Usman defended his Welterweight title against the number one ranked Welterweight fighter Gilbert Burns.

In the co-main event, ‘The Future’ Maycee Barber faced defeat at hands of Alexa Grasso in the women’s flyweight fight. Along with that, the former middleweight interim champion Kelvin Gastelum defeated Ian Heinisch. Stay here for all the live updates of UFC 258.

UFC 258 (Main Event): Kamaru Usman def Gilbert Burns via TKO (Main Card)

Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns

Round 1: Both of them started the fight with an intense staredown. Usman traded some low kicks and Burns struck a heavy right hand and Usman is stunned. What a hard shot at the start and Burns looks to continue the pressure Usman is still recovering from that shot.

Burns lands a kick and he slips he is down. Usman isn’t letting him get up landing some kicks on his inner thigh. Burns get up somehow and woah he lands a knee right to the face of Usman. They traded some more shots before the round ends.

Round 2: Burns looks to utilize the lead of the first round. Usman is keeping the pressure high with continuous striking and Burns is finding the range for his shots. Usman lands a straight right hand and Burns is stunned. He can’t even keep his guard high.

Usman is hurt really bad and Burns is eating some heavy shots right to the face he is barely standing. Burns eat some more shots before the round ends and it is just a matter of time before Burns passes and the horn saved Burns.

Round 3: The round started and Burns is looking really hurt. Usman lands a straight right jab again and Burns is down. Usman lands a ground and pound and that’s it Usman retained his Welterweight championship.

Result: Kamaru Usman defeated Gilbert Burns via TKO (Punches) (Round 3, 0:34)

UFC 258 (Co-Main Event): Alexa Grasso def Maycee Barber via UD (Main Card)

Maycee Barber and Alexa Grasso

Round 1: Barber looks for a punch at the starting of the round. She tried to find the rage early in the round but misses. Grasso switching stances in the early and pushed Barber into a clinch. They battle against the cage, Grasso pulls away from the cage.

Barber traded some knees and Grasso rattles off with some punches. Grasso circles and controls Barber ends the round with a knee.

Round 2: Grasso swings a wild shot that hit Barber hard at the start of the round. Barber is countering her with knees of her own. Grasso hit Barber with a solid left hand and she looks stunned. Barber tries to defend herself by catching her in a clinch and Grasso answers back.

Barber kicks the body and Grasso lands one more left hand and they are again in the clinch. Barber uses some shoulder strikes and the round ends.

Round 3: Barber knows she needs to finish the fight in this round to win this won, she started aggressively. Grasso circling right on the outside. Barber finally able to score a takedown and she’s got the momentum finally now but it seems it is too late now.

Barber swing some heavy shots and Grasso returned the favor with a hard left hand. They grind each other in the clinch and bell sounds.

Result: Alexa Grasso def Maycee Barber via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 258: Kelvin Gastelum def Ian Heinisch via UD (Main Card)

Kelvin Gastelum and Ian Heinisch

Round 1: Heinisch traded some early low kicks and shoots for a takedown. Gastelum defends it beautifully and Heinisch scrambles. Heinisch tries to crank on kimura but Gastelum survives. Both of them scrambles on the ground before finally returning back to standing.

Gastelum tried some hick kicks but Heinisch defends them. Heinisch wraps the body and lifts him and slams him into the canvas. Gastelum kicks to the body and slips a kick on the bell.

Round 2: Heinisch swinging some shots with power. Gastelum sees it and evades it, Heinisch changes the level. Gastelum keeps the body lock and traded leg kicks. Heinisch fakes a right hand and Gastelum came in for a takedown but eats a flying knee.

Heinisch walking forward and throwing some powerful strikes and Gastelum rushes forward. The round ends.

Round 3: Gastelum kicks the leg at the start of the round. Heinisch changes level quickly and Gastelum lands some short punches followed by a three-punch combination. Heinisch again with a flying knee and Gastelum again grabbing him and slamming on the mat.

One minute left another takedown from Gastelum and Heinisch gives him a wild back and forth exchange. The fight ends.

Result: Kelvin Gastelum def Ian Heinisch by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 258: Ricky Simon def Brian Kelleher via UD (Main Card)

Ricky Simon and Brian Kelleher

Round 1: Simon started the round by trading some punches and he dives forward to take the action to the canvas. Kellher turns to his knees to try and rise. His eye is already busted open Simon tries to take top position and blood streaming down from Kellher’s eye.

Less than a minute left and Kellher teases with a guillotine and his opponent backs away and both of them traded some punches before the round ends.

Round 2: The round begins with Simon landing an early right hand followed by a stiff jab and Kelleher lands a crisp lead hook. Simon catches a kick and Kelleher lands a right hand as Simon moves forward. Simon replies with great volume punches. The round ends.

Round 3: Kelleher needs this round going in his way to win this fight. He tries a right hand but misses. Simon also tries to connect with few elbows but didn’t find his mark. Keller turns his hips and tossed Simon, he tried a kimura but Simon escapes. Kelleher let it go.

They separate with less than 30 seconds left. Kelleher lands a nice kick to the front and they end the fight in the center.

Result: Ricky Simon def Brain Kelleher via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

UFC 258: Julian Marquez def Maki Pitolo via submission (Main Card)

Maki Pitolo and Julian Marquez

Round 1: Pitolo started the round with some early low kicks, then they both started swinging some wild shots. Pitolo moves inside and looks for a takedown, Marquez defends it beautifully. Pitolo is looking aggressive he is raining some heavy shots on Marquez.

Pitolo is keeping the pressure on him and Marquez tries a hip toss but Pitolo escapes. Marquez separates him and throws some big punches as the round ends.

Round 2: Pitolo tried to keep the pressure in this round, both men are swinging. Marquez lands some powerful jabs and they both are throwing bombs on each other. Marquez attempts a takedown and grabs a guillotine and Pitolo rolls and escapes. Pitolo is on top mount and he lands some body shots.

Marquez lands some elbows from the bottom and round ends.

Round 3: Marquez comes in by pumping some jabs and Pitolo lands a leg kick. They traded some wild punches and Pitolo again with a low kick and Marquez almost dropdown. Marquez chases and grabs the neck. Pitolo is trying to defend himself and Marquez is closing in.

Marquez is in an odd angle but he winds in the anaconda choke. He’s tightening it up and finally exhausted Pitolo taps.

Result: Julian Marquez def Maki Pitolo via submission (Anaconda Choke) (Round 3, 4:17)

UFC 258: Anthony Hernandez def Rodolfo Vieira via submission (Preliminary Card)

Anthony Hernandez vs Rodolfo Vieira

Round 1: Vieira started the round with punches followed by a single leg attempt. Hernandez trying to scramble but Vieira gets back. Hernandez looking to roll but Vieira settles himself in the top mount position. Vieira rolls for an armbar and Hernandez works hard to survive that.

Hernandez start striking some punches of his own. Vieira desperately tried an inside leg takedown and eats a right hand from Hernandez. Vieira is hurt and Hernandez takes this round in his favor.

Round 2: Hernandez is looking aggressive in the start. Vieira able to change levels and drag feet on the floor. Hernandez tries to shake him off and Vieira is grabbing his leg trying to prevent him from moving. Hernandez shoots an elbow and Vieira is really hurt.

Hernandez attempts a guillotine and squeezes in and Vieira is trapped he has nowhere to go and here comes the tap.

Result: Anthony Hernandez def Rodolfo Vieira via submission (Guillotine Choke) (Round 2, 1:53)

UFC 258: Belal Muhammad def Dhiego Lima via UD (Preliminary Card)

Belal Muhammad and Dhiego Lima

Round 1: Muhammad started the round and throws some faint punches that too into a takedown attempt. Lima is able to escape and push him away. Muhammad attempts a high kick but Lima blocked it. He fires a series of combinations and he is looking aggressive.

Lima swings a head kick but didn’t find his range, Muhammad pressing the action and low kicks for Lima. Muhammad is keeping the pressure high. Big punches from Muhammad and round ends.

Round 2: Muhammad is again trying to stay close to Lima. Lima is trying his best to stay away from Muhammad and navigate his way through the cage. Muhammad with a kick to the body combination followed by punches. Lima tries a takedown but doesn’t get it.

Muhammad fakes a left hand and struck a big right hand, Lima looks stunned he is in trouble. He pushed forward and Lima tries to recover and answer him. Muhammad shoots again and horn sounds.

Round 3: Muhammad continues the pressure in round three, he tags the legs of Lima before throwing a right hand. Muhammad catches another eye poke and didn’t take much break. Lima seems to have no answer for Mohammad’s kicks and his nose busted up and bleeding.

Muhammad is absolutely relentless in this fight. Lima scrambles up and Muhammad jumps back on him and controls him until the end of the round.

Result: Belal Muhammad def Dhiego Lima via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

UFC 258: Polyana Viana def Mallory Martin via submission (Preliminary Card)

Polyana Viana and Mallory Martin

Round 1: Martin starts the round with a quick punch to the body. Viana kicks the leg and tries to create some space. She tried one more kick but Martin catches it this time and the action continues on the floor. Full guard for Viana.

Martin drives the head into his chin and Viana gets her legs up, she is slashing the elbows and punches. Viana gets hold of the hand and Martin is trapped. She goes for the armbar but Viana has the legs back in front of the face and Martin taps.

Result: Polyana Viana def Mallory Martin via submission (Arm Bar) (Round 1, 3:18)

UFC 258: Andre Ewell def Chris Gutierrez via UD (Preliminary Card)

Chris Gutierrez and Andre Ewell

Round 1: Both the fighters traded some early exchange at the start of the first round. Gutierrez tried to press Ewell against the cage. Ewell stopped him and attempts for a takedown Gutierrez defends it nicely. Gutierrez is throwing punches more often and keeping up the pressure.

In the final seconds of the round Gutierrez lands a nasty high kick and Ewell is hurt and the bell sounds.

Round 2: Gutierrez tried to finish what is left in the first round, Ewell seems OK till now. Ewell is landing some low shots now and moving forward. Gutierrez is talking with his opponent a little bit and Ewell is feeling the pressure now. Gutierrez tries to scramble and attacks the leg.

Gutierrez can’t pull it free but ends the round.

Round 3: Both the fighters look for an end in this round. Ewell seems to be hurt a little bit, Gutierrez pressuring up and landing spinning kicks and Ewell waves off. Gutierrez scores with a big right hand. Ewell is in real trouble, Gutierrez tried to finish, Ewell’s leg is compromised.

Ewell tries a late takedown attempt and Gutierrez switches as they fall and the horn sounds.

Result: Chris Gutierrez def Andre Ewell via unanimous decision (30-26,29-28,29-27)

UFC 258: Gabe Green def Phil Rowe via UD (Early Prelims)

Result: Gabe Green def Phil Rowe via unanimous decision (30-27,29-28,29-28)


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