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Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya

UFC 259 is one of the biggest fight cards of the year. In the main event, UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz defended his title against UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and Izzy faced the first loss in his MMA carrer. In the co-main event, the two-division women’s champion Amanda Nunes defended her featherweight title against Megan Anderson.

The UFC Bantamweight champion Petr Yan lost his title against Aljamain Sterling by a controversial illegal knee. Along with these title fights the fight card is stacked with many other superstars. Get all the live updates and play-by-play results of UFC 259.

UFC 259 (Main Event): Jan Blachowicz def Israel Adesanya via UD (Main Card)

Jan Blachowicz Israel Adesanya 2 - FirstSportz
Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya

Round 1: Blachowicz and Adesanya in the center and Izzy started the striking with a low kick. Both men are patient reading each other. Blachowicz rushes forward with left and misses. Adesanya lands a jab and Blachowicz lands a high kick to the body.

Adesanya lands a nice straight left. Blachowicz’s right-hand lands and Adesanya misses the front kick to the body. A low kick from Adesanya and a tactical round from both the fighters.

Round 2: Adesanya looking to press forward in this round. He moves in and scores with a left hand. Blachowicz rushes forward and didn’t find the mark. Adesanya lands a jab and low kick from Blachowicz. Adesanya slips to the floor and gets back up right away.

Blachowicz complains of an eye poke and a momentary break. Adesanya again landing a quick jab and Blachowicz lands a flying knee. The round ends.

Round 3: Blachowicz with a low kick to the body followed by a left hand. Adesanya scrambles away and Blachowicz again lands a right hand. Adesanya kicks the body and he is increasing the volume of strikes in this round. Blachowicz back in the clinch again.

They traded left hands. Right-hand scores for Adesanya and Blachowicz create some space. This round seems good for Adesanya.

Round 4: Adesanya chops the legs of Blachowicz and Blachowicz drives inside the pushed forward. Left hand traded and Blachowicz lands a hard jab and dropped Adesanya. Blachowicz changes the level and took the fight to the ground. Adesanya tries to get up but Blachowicz not letting him do anything.

Round 5: Blachowicz lands a low kick and jabs traded between both. Adesanya lands a flying knee but misses punches traded. Adesanya moves forward and eats a jab. Blachowicz lands a crisp right and Adesanya is down again. This looks like the moment for Blachowicz he is again in control over the ground. The fight ends.

Result: Jan Blachowicz def Israel Adesanya by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-45, 49-45)

UFC 259 (Co-Main Event): Amanda Nunes def Megan Anderson via submission (Main Card)

Nunes vs Anderson - FirstSportz
Amanda Nunes and Megan Anderson

Round 1: Anderson started the fight with a wide stance and Nunes waited patiently and unleashed a big right hand. Anderson is stunned and another right big leg kick. Nunes striking her on the mat and Anderson is in danger. Nunes aiming for the neck and inverted triangle is in. Anderson taps an easy win for Nunes truly the G.O.A.T of women’s division.

Result: Amanda Nunes def Megan Anderson via submission (Armbar) (Round 1, 2:03)

UFC 259 (Title Bout): Aljamain Sterling def Petr Yan via disqualification (Main Card)

Petr Yan Aljamain Sterling - FirstSportz
Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling

Round 1: Sterling started the round with a kick to the body and he is trying to keep high pressure from the start. Yan covering well and staying calm to open. Sterling lands a punch and flying knee, he chops at the leg. He lands a clean right hand and Aljamain is dropped.

Yan is landing strikes with ease and Sterling isn’t finding the range for his shots. Yan sweeps the lead leg of Sterling and he is down again. Sterling gets up and they locked in the clinch, Yan lifts him up and drops down on his head. The round ends.

Round 2: Sterling trying to press inside but Yan is keeping him away. He punches on the top and kicks to the body. Sterling slips on a kick and moves away. Yan backs away and he missed a huge axe kick. Sterling lies on the floor and the referee calls for the fight to restart.

Yan lands a left hand and Aljamain is down again he is again on the ground. Yan defends well against leg kicks and Sterling stomping the feet. Yan briefly slips to the back and horn sounds.

Round 3: Sterling started the round again and Yan once again lands a punch to the face. Sterling changes the level and Yan holds him up and lands a knee. Yan tried to land a big right hand but misses. Sterling pressing in but not finding the mark for his shots. Yan is outlasting him in all possible ways.

Round 4: Sterling starts the round with a high knee and Yan trips him to the canvas. Sterling crawls up and Yan lands a punch to the body. Sterling ducks a leg and eats a kick. His corner wants him to stay low on kicks and left-hand lands for Yan. Right-hand land for Sterling.

Sterling shoots for a takedown and he is down. Yan holds his head and blasts him with a knee anyway. Sterling falls back on the canvas and it is an obvious foul. He tried to stand but he falls down. The fight is waved off Yan lost his title by an illegal strike.

Result: Aljamain Sterling def Petr Yan via disqualification (illegal knee) (Round 4, 4:29)

UFC 259: Islam Makhachev def Drew Dober via submission (Main Card)

Drew Dober Islam Makhachev - FirstSportz
Drew Dober and Islam Makhachev

Round 1: Dober started the round with an early low kick followed by a jab. Makhachev changes levels and deep in the single-leg takedown attempt. Half guard underneath for Dober and Makhachev is patient on the top. Dober trying to create some space but Makhachev not letting him move.

Dober tries to roll but Makhachev isn’t letting him go. Makhachev gets the arm of Dober and he is going for juji gatame. It’s sunk in deep and tense last seconds of the round and Dober survives.

Round 2: Dober started the round with a jab and Makhachev again shoots for the single leg from his range. Half guard for Dober after quick takedown and Makhachev trying to keep his posture up while striking and Dober scrambles he is able to secure a nice position. Dober tried to escape and round ended.

Round 3: Dober trying to stay on his feet at this round but like the others, Makhachev takes him down to the ground with ease. Dober tyring to scramble and lock in a kimura. Makhachev pulls his arm free and he is applying a choke with his shoulder. Here comes the tap Makhachev finished Dober.

Result: Islam Makhachev def Drew Dober via submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) (Round 3, 1:37)

UFC 259: Aleksandar Rakic def Thiago Santos via UD (Main Card)

Thiago Santos and Aleksandar Rakic - FirstSportz
Thiago Santos and Aleksandar Rakic

Round 1: Rakic starts the round and strikes with a wide stance. Santos slips on an early low kick but catches his balance very soon. Santos tries to pressure but Rakic counters him nicely. Santos circling on the outside, low kick traded between both of them.

Santos lands a nice right hand. Rakic staying away from his range. Low kick scores for Santos. Rakic scores the body shot followed by a left hand before the round ends.

Round 2: Rakic started the round with a low kick and Santos tried to land some shots but didn’t find his mark. Santos tiring to bounce back and change levels. Rakic lands one more leg kick. Santos missed a big left hand. Rakic smiling a bit as he teases a grab of legs.

Both of them are in the clinch against the cage and foot stomps from Rakic. They separated and low kicks traded. Flying knee from Rakic to close the round.

Round 3: The round started with Santos landing some leg kicks. Rakic replies to him with some punches to the body. Santos finally landed a hard inside leg kick on Rakic’s leg and that hit real bad. They are again engaged in a clinch against the cage. Santos landing some elbows before they separate.

Rakic landed a crisp right hand and both of them exchanged some shots before the round ends.

Result: Aleksandar Rakic def Thiago Santos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

UFC 259: Dominick Cruz def Casey Kenney via split decision (Preliminary Card)

Dominick Cruz Casey Kenney - FirstSportz
Dominick Cruz and Casey Kenney

Round 1: Kenney rushes across the cage and Cruz took no time in changing level and shooting. Kenney spar and controlled Cruz for a bit before he finally returned back to his feet. Cruz lands a sneaky high kick and Kenney replies with a kick of his own. Cruz is moving well chopping the legs of Kenney.

Cruz does rush in with a right hand and scores clean. They trade punches in the pocket and the round ends.

Round 2: Kenney pressuring Cruz right from the start of the round. Cruz is dealing well with it slipping, ripping, and scoring with a right hand. Kenney walking and staying face in. Stiff jab lands for Kenney and Cruz tried to change levels. Kenney with a left hand and Cruz land a big left over the top.

Kenney swings back but didn’t found the mark. Cruz landed a nice exchange of punches and Kenney lands a crisp combination. The round ends.

Round 3: The round starts and both of them engaged in back and forth. Cruz lands a stiff jab and Kenney replies to him with an uppercut. This match is so evenly contested and both of them landing some nice shots. Kenney shoots for a takedown and Cruz defends well.

They exchanged some more shots before the round ends.

Result: Dominick Cruz def Casey Kenney via split decision ( 29-29, 30-27 Cruz) (29-28 Kenney)

UFC 259: Kyler Phillips def Song Yadong via UD (Preliminary Card)

Song Yadong Kyler Phillips - FirstSportz
Song Yadong and Kyler Phillips

Round 1: Quickstart to the round with Phillips landing some kicks at the start of the round. Both men are light on their feet and moving nicely. Phillips lands a hard kick to the body that echoes the building. Yadong trying to engage but didn’t found a mark for his shots.

Phillips sticking and moving well. Yadong gets the inside leg and attempts a takedown but misses. Both men landed some clean punches before the end of the round.

Round 2: Both men traded some shots with a high pace at the start of the round. Yadong lands a high kick followed by punches, Phillips attempted for a takedown but didn’t get it. Yadong pressing hard and lands a big right hand. He again moved forward but eats a jab that left him stumbling.

Phillips shoots one more takedown and Yadong is in half guard. One more jab landed by Phillips and that marks the end of round 2.

Round 3: Early takedown attempt from Phillips in the third round but Yadong dodged it and fired a combination. Yadong attacks the legs of Phillips and non-stop action between these two. Phillips slipping in and countering Yadong. Yadong dragged him to the ground and Phillips landing some elbows.

This match is so evenly matched some more shots exchanged between both of them before the round ends.

Result: Kyler Phillips def Song Yadong via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 259: Askar Askarov def Joseph Benavidez via UD (Preliminary Card)

Joseph Benavidez Askar Askarov - FirstSportz
Joseph Benavidez and Askar Askarov

Round 1: Askarov started the round with an early low kick to the body, Benavidez moving well in the start staying away from his range. Both men look patient at the start of the round. Benavidez landed some punches on the body and while moving in close range and shooting for a takedown he eats a crisp right hand.

Benavidez landed some more shots and a good back and forth between both of them. One minute left in the first round Askarov attempts a takedown and Benavidez defended well. The round ends.

Round 2: Benavidez lands the first strike of the round and looking for a high kick but blocked by Askarov. Askraov landed a crisp right hand and Benavidez looks a little staggered. He then pressed in and lift Benavidez and slammed him on the canvas followed by some shots on the ground.

Benavidez’s right eye busted open and Askarov is looking for a body lock but not quite getting hold of it. Askarov maintains the domination position and keeps landing some shots. The horn sounds and Benavidez survives.

Round 3: The doctor cleared Benavidez for the start of the third round by having a look at his eye and we’re ready to go. Benavidez lands a big overhand left Askarov answers him with a high kick. Benavidez is going in and eating shots one after another.

Askarov is only waiting for him to come close and landing his shots. Benavidez is throwing some shots but didn’t find its mark. Benavidez switches stances and lands kick to the body. Askarov lands a nice jab and the round ends.

Result: Askar Askarov def Joseph Benavidez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

UFC 259: Kai Kara-France def Rogerio Bontorin via TKO (Punches) (Preliminary Card)

Rogerio Bontorin Kai Kara France - FirstSportz
Rogerio Bontorin and Kai Kara-France

Round 1: Both of them moving nicely at the start of the round, Kai Kara-France landed a beautiful low kick followed by a big right hand at the start of the round. Bontorin replies with a nice right hand and rushing inside into a clinch. Kara-France seems to be in a dangerous position and Bontorin slammed him on the canvas.

Bontorin is looking for a triangle but Kara-France survives. Kara-France is onto the defense now but Bontorin is continuously changing his positions. Kara-France finally able to shake things up with just 30 seconds left and he started landing some bombs. Right-hand lands hard and he is still swinging that’s it Herb Dean can’t take it anymore.

Result: Kai Kara-France def Rogerio Bontorin via TKO (Punches) (Round 1,4:55)


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