UFC 262: Edson Barboza puts up a beautiful performance to knock Shane Burgos out

Edson Barboza vs Shane Burgos was booked for UFC 262, and Edson Barboza won the fight via knockout

Edson Barboza UFC 262
Edson Barboza UFC 262

The featherweight contest between Edson Barboza (21-9) and Shane “The Hurricane” Burgos (13-2) was the first fight to start the main card of UFC 262 and it lived up to the hype of the high voltage event. A thrilling war ended with Edson Barboza winning the fight in round number 3.

Round 1: Round started with Shane Burgos pushing the pace and trying to get into the boxing range, but Barboza is countering beautifully with calf kicks, it started to do some real damage on his lead leg but Burgos keeps moving forward. Burgos started working the body with signature hooks but gits caught by some punches and gets stunned. Great round. Perfect start to the UFC 262 main card.

Round 2: Barboza is staying heavy on the kicks while Burgos is moving forward with his signature boxing approach, Barboza gets a deep cut on his right leg but he keeps using them kicks. Burgos make some adjustments and he throws some effective leg kicks of his own, now his punches are working as well. Another great round.

Edson Barboza knocks Shane Burgos out at UFC 262

Round 3: Edson Barboza stayed right in the face of Shane Burgos, and he mixed some nice counter punches with his kicks, in a close exchange Barboza landed a perfect overhand right that resulted in a delayed knock-out from Burgos and he went down. Barboza jumped on top of him and secured the victory.

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