UFC 262: Play by play and live results, Charles Oliveira vs Michael Chandler

UFC 262 Main Card

UFC 262 marked the beginning of the new era in the UFC Lightweight division as Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira claimed the Lightweight division throne with a win against Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 262.

In the co-main event, the former interim champion Tony Ferguson faced a unanimous decision loss against Beneil Dariush that makes his streak of three consecutive losses. This was all the live action from UFC 262.

UFC 262 (Main Event): Charles Oliveira def Michael Chandler via TKO (Main Card)

Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira

Round 1: Michael Chandler moved in with nice punches but Oliveira took him down and secured the back hook, but Chandler got up he defended well. Chandler landed a nice right hand that dropped his opponent then he went on the top and ended the round with excellent ground and pound.

Round 2: Just as the round started these two got in the center to exchange, Chandler tried to capitalize but Oliveira hurt him with a big left hook and finished Michael Chandler soon after.

Charles Oliveira is our new undisputed lightweight champion of the world.

Result: Charles Oliveira def Michael Chandler via TKO (Punches) (Round 2,0:19)

UFC 262 (Co-Main Event): Beneil Dariush def Tony Ferguson via Unanimous Decision (Main Card)

Tony Ferguson and Beneil Dariush

Round 1: Dariush starts the fight by keeping pressure high on Ferguson and lands an inside leg kick. Ferguson stays outside and Dariush punches his way into the clinch. He changes level and dragged Ferguson to the ground. Dariush postures up and Ferguson dodges the punches on his back.

Ferguson very active on his back but Dariush still staying heavy on the top. A few punches landed from Dariush as the horn sounds.

Round 2: Ferguson tries to come quickly as the round starts but Dariush again pressures him with punches. Dariush again grabs him against the fence and Ferguson grabs the neck. Right hand is under the neck as he tries to lock in D’Arce but Dariush defends it very well and gets out of it.

Ferguson lands some elbows and Dariush lands big punches. Ferguson sees a moment to scramble but taken down again by Dariush and he gets holds of Ferguson’s leg. Dariush seems to lock this hard and Ferguson screams in pain but he didn’t tap and gets his leg out. The round ends with Dariush winning this one too.

Round 3: Dariush started the round by keeping the pressure again on Ferguson. He moves inside and holds Ferguson against the cage. Ferguson grabs his neck and Dariush escapes, slams him on the canvas. The crowd is getting restless and Dariush controls Ferguson easily throughout the end of the round.

Result: Beneil Dariush def Tony Ferguson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC 262: Rogerio Bontorin def Matt Schnell via Unanimous Decision (Main Card)

Matt Schnell and Rogerio Bontorin

Round 1: Schnell faints a few shots to start the round. Bontorin also patient to start the fight, Schnell lands the first kick to the body. Bontorin replies with a low kick. Schnell working well on his range and Bontorin scores a big right hand. Schell stumbles but recovers quickly from it and lands a fury of punches. Back and forth and they finish the round.

Round 2: Schnell lands a high kick but blocked by Bontorin. They traded punches and low kicks. Schell continues to chop his legs and Bontorin lands a sharp right hand. Schnell is avoiding staying away from his range and the crowd is getting involved. Left hands traded and Schell tries to push but nearly eats a flying knee just as the round ends.

Round 3: Schnell tries to push forward in this round too but gets tagged by a heavy right hand. Bontorin swings again and increasing the volumes of his strikes. Schnell is against the cage and Bontorin lands a fury of shots, punches followed by a flying knee and Schnell’s mouth guard fall out. Bontorin secures a takedown and the fight ends on the ground.

Result: Rogerio Bontorin def Matt Schnell via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

UFC 262: Katlyn Chookagain def Viviane Araujo via Unanimous Decision (Main Card)

Katlyn Chookagain and Viviane Araujo

Round 1: Araujo starts the fight with a right hand, she is moving light on her feet and Chookagain flurrying her punches, finding the range for her shots. Araujo scores with a crisp left hand and Chookagain engages but Araujo dodges those shots very nicely. Chookagain works on the jab and Araujo lands a knee to the body just as the round ends.

Round 2: Chookagain comes out quickly, to find the shots for her marks and she throws a front kick that pushes Araujo to the floor. She rushes after her but Araujo quickly adjusted and scrambles to come on the top mount. She is looking for a choke but somehow Chookagain survives. They get up again and Chookagain lands a knee. Araujo seems to gas out and Chookagain lands a right hand, one more. Araujo is fading just as the round ends.

Round 3: Chookagain still moving well and Araujo seems to very fatigued. Araujo lands a left hand and Chookagain replies to her with a nice combination. Chookagain lands a nice kick to the body and Araujo tries to find a home for her jab. Chookagain dominating Araujo clearly in this round.

Result: Katlyn Chookagain def. Viviane Araujo via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

UFC 262: Edson Barboza def Shane Burgos via TKO (Main Card)

Shane Burgos and Edson Barboza

Round 1: The round starts and Barboza tags Burgos with his traditional leg kick. Burgos stays heavy on his front leg and Barboza keeps landing leg kicks. Burgos lands a left hand on the body. Barboza kept doing damage to the lead leg with his hard kicks. Burgos lands a jab and Barboza’s right eye showing some damage.

Barboza lands a right hand and Burgos wobbles a bit and he smiles. He comes forward and Barboza lands a right hand again he looks in some trouble but Burgos showing real toughness. Barboza lands one more leg kick just as the round ends.

Round 2: Burgos lands a right hand follows by a left hand just as the round starts. Barboza lands a kick to the body and kicks to the lead leg to Burgos. Barboza’s right shin is split open and it’s bleeding. Burgos lands a kick to the body and Barboza lands a spinning kick to the body. Barboza lands a spinning kick to the head and Burgos’s left eye shows some swelling.

Round 3: They engaged again as soon as the fight starts, Burgos lands a straight right hand. Punches traded between both and Barboza lands a right hand. Burgos steps back and he staggers and falls on the floor. Bizarre scene and Barboza finished up with punches.

Result: Edson Barboza def Shane Burgos via TKO (Round 3,1:16)

UFC 262 main card starts now.

UFC 262: Andre Muniz def Ronaldo Souza via Submission (Prelims)

Ronaldo Souza and Andre Muniz

Round 1: They both start the fight by exchanging some low kicks. Souza goes for the first takedown attempt and scoops the leg of Muniz. But he defends well and both get to stand up again. Souza attempts a clinch but Muniz escapes and he shoots and secures a takedown of his own.

Muniz grabs hold of the arm and initiates the armbar. Holy Shit! Souza’s arm got snapped. The referee stops the fight.

Result: Andre Muniz def Ronaldo Souza via Submission (Armbar) (Round 1,3:59)

UFC 262: Lando Vannata def Mike Grundy via Split Decision (Prelims)

Lando Vannata and Mike Grundy

Round 1: Grundy tries to rush forward but Vannata tags him with few shots to keep him away. Grundy fakes a level change attempt and shoots for a takedown but Vannata defends it well. Vannata lands some quick strikes and Grundy lands a low kick.

Grundy tries one more takedown attempt but misses and Vannata lands a right hand, and Grundy shoots inside, Vannata runs to the cage and defends it well. The round ends.

Round 2: Vannata throws a high kick at the start of the round, follows by a right hand. Grundy shoots an inside but Vannata is absolutely flawless with his defenses today. Grundy now turns towards striking and lands a beautiful right hand. Vannata replies with a fury of punches and Grundy shoots again but misses. Vannata lands a kick to the body and a right hand just as the horn sounds.

Round 3: Vannata lands quick punches to start the round and Grundy again goes for the takedown. He ducks into a knee but keeps moving forward and scrambles a bit and grabs the neck. Vannata lifts him up and slams him down on the floor. Grundy let his head go and Vannata landed some body shots. They stand up and exchanges a bit at the end just before the round ends.

Result: Lando Vannata def Mike Grundy via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30)

UFC 262: Jamie Pickett def Jordan Wright via TKO (Prelims)

Jordan Wright and Jamie Pickett

Round 1: Wright lands the first strike of the fight and Pickett pushes him to the corner. Wright elbows him and Pickett falls down on the canvas, he looks hurt. Pickett tries to retreat but Wright chases him and lands a fury of punches from the top. Pickett tries to move away and stand up but Wright lands a knee and he goes down to the canvas. He follows again with punches and the fight is over.

Result: Jordan Wright def Jamie Pickett via TKO (Punches) (Round 1, 1:04)

UFC 262: Andrea Lee def Antonina Shevchenko via Submission (Prelims)

Andrea Lee and Antonina Shevchenko

Round 1: Both the fighters touch gloves and the fight starts, Lee lands the first strike in the form of a 1-2 kick combo and Antonina counters her with a combo of her own. Lee tries to keep the pressure high since the beginning of the round. She Muay Thai to back Shevchenko up and clinches her towards the cage.

Shevchenko able to slip away and comes back to the center. Now Shevchenko holds Lee in the clinch, punches, and knee trades between both. Lee finally separates herself and she lands a left hand. Lee moves forward and secures a takedown, she postures up a bit and lands punches. The round ends with Lee being on top.

Round 2: Shevchenko strikes first in this round with a kick. Lee tries to tag her with a spinning fist but Shevchenko takes her down and they scramble on the ground. Both stand up and Lee throws Shevchenko to the ground and controls her in the side control position.

Shevchenko tries to land some strikes but Lee tries to adjust to the triangle. She just can’t get the squeeze, Lee transits for the armbar, and Shevchenko can’t pull free. Lee turns and wants the squeeze and she finally tucks her hand under her armpits and here comes the tap.

Result: Andrea Lee def Antonina Shevchenko via Submission (Triangle Armbar) (Round 2, 4:52)

UFC 262: Priscila Cachoeira def Gina Mazany via TKO (Early Prelims)

UFC 262: Tucker Lutz def Kevin Aguilar via Unanimous Decision (Early Prelims)

UFC 262: Christos Giagos def Sean Soriano via submission (Early Prelims)

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