“I’ve been hearing that bullshit forever, they’re all full of shit,” Dana White claims Tyron Woodley is lying about his pay against Jake Paul

Dana White refutes Tyron Woodley's claims for making the biggest purse of his career for the boxing match against Jake Paul,

Dana White, Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul
Dana White, Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul

This year, the fighter’s pay in UFC has become a hot topic for discussion, especially since the Youtuber brothers, Jake Paul and Logan Paul started their boxing careers.

Jake Paul has been constantly firing shots on Dana White regarding paying a less amount of money to their fighters on the roster of the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

Some of the UFC’s elite fighters such as Jon Jones, Francis Ngannou, and Paulo Costa have also expressed their displeasure about the pay they are getting per fight.

On the other hand the former UFC Welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley is aiming to earn the biggest paycheck of his career to box Jake Paul in his next boxing match.

Woodley has claimed to receive a much higher number for this boxing match but the UFC president Dana White isn’t buying it. Talking about it at the post-fight press conference of UFC 263, White says,

“I’ve been hearing that bullshit forever. I’ve been hearing that… they’re all full of shit, how much is (Woodley) making? If it’s that much money, and he’s so f—ng proud of how much it is, how much is it? They’re all full of shit. But that’s how you hype up a fight, too.” {H/T BloodyElbow}

Dana White says Jake Paul doesn’t do a million PPV buys

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul claims that his boxing match against washed-up, former UFC Welterweight fighter, Ben Askren did a million PPV buys. But Dana White has been saying day one that all of them were false claims.

His brother, Logan Paul fought against Floyd Mayweather and White believes he made million of PV buys for this boxing match. White added, “Jake? The other brother? Jake didn’t do a million [PPV buys]. His brother did a million. Him and Floyd did a million.” {H/T MMAMania}

“Last time we did a press conference I told you all that Triller stuff is a bunch of bullshit. They’re lying, their numbers aren’t what they claim. [Logan and Floyd] really did that number, that’s a real number. They did that. Jake didn’t do that. Logan and Floyd did, and good for them. That’s a real number, they really did that, and good for them.”

Dana White continued, “Tyron Woodley’s 40 years old. He hasn’t won a fight in three years, in something that he’s actually supposed to be good at. Now he’s gonna go box. How do you sell that fight? Lots of other things other than the shit that should matter. ‘I’m making a million dollars, and this is the best payday ever.” {H/T BloodyElbow}

“I got that number from real people, you know me, I’ll tell you the truth. The fight before that, I didn’t do jack shit. Well, I shouldn’t say that. It did a good number for people who never really fought, you know what I mean? But this one did a real number.”

Tyron Woodley responds to Dana White

After the UFC president Dana White blasted Tyron Woodley for lying about making the biggest pay of his entire career in the boxing match against Paul. ‘T Wood’ shared his response via tweet that was indirectly directed towards White.

Woodley says, “Why people mad i’m getting paid. I celebrated my peers when they made a bag. Even ones in the crosshairs. People #BigMad but we #BuiltDifferent i still congratulate”

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