“Of course, I could beat Israel Adesanya” Michael Bisping claims he would have beaten Adesanya in his prime

Michael Bisping claims he would have beaten Israel Adesanya in his prime but also showed utmost respect to the champion.

Michael Bisping and Israel Adesanya
Michael Bisping and Israel Adesanya
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The UFC Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya is going to defend his title against the number 3rd ranked Middleweight contender, Marvin Vettori in the main event of UFC 263.

This title was earlier wrapped around the waist of Michael Bisping when he created an upset against Luke Rockhold. Bisping has retired from fighting but he is working as an active commentator in UFC.

Michael Bisping holds much respect for Adesanya as a champ but in his latest interview with ‘The Mirror’ Bisping claims in his prime he would have beaten Israel Adesanya.

Bisping says, “Listen, I’m going to say yes, of course I could beat Israel Adesanya, I do firmly believe that I could. However, with me separated from the sport like I am now, not actively competing, it’s disrespectful for me to say that, but you ask any fighter they’ll always says yes.” {H/T The Mirror}

“That’s what’s in us, we all believe we could do it, of course I’d need to train for 3-6 months but yeah I do believe I could do that, but that’s also disrespectful to Adesanya. I’m not competing so it’s easy for me to say that and I don’t have to back it up.”

Bisping added, “But just the same way I knew I was the man to beat Anderson Silva, yeah I think I could beat him, even though some people might call me stupid.” {H/T The Mirror}

Michael Bisping believes defeating Israel Adesanya is going to be a real tough task for Vettori

Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori
Vettori and Adesanya

Israel Adesanya is coming into this fight, facing the first loss of his MMA career against the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jan Blachowicz. On the other hand, Marvin Vettori has shown tremendous improvement in his game and he is undefeated since his loss against Adesanya.

Despite all this Michael Bisping believes, winning this fight is going to be real tough for Vettori. Bisping continued, “The reality is, Adesanya is an incredible champion, I’m a massive fan of the guy and I think he’s incredible at what he does.”

“He brings a lot of eyeballs to the sport, he’s a huge star and he’s got a great fan-pleasing style so I absolutely love it, I never miss an Adesanya fight, simple as that.” {H/T The Mirror}

Bisping continued, “Stylistically, when you look at these two, Adesanya is a tremendous striker, the finesse, the speed, the precision, he’s a sniper or whatever, he’s that bloody good.”

“But Blachowicz took him down in the centre of the octagon, and that’s going to be something that Vettori is going to look at and as the fight continues the chances of a takedown become stronger.” {H/T The Mirror}

In the end, Michael Bisping concluded, “Both guys are going to get tired, but Vettori is a big strong guy and he’s very game; he’s been to a decision with Adesanya before, so he won’t be intimidated.”

“Vettori isn’t a wrestler, but the way to beat Adesanya is to wrestle with him, so we’ll see if he can block the takedowns.”

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