“They can expect a more aggressive Durinho,” Gilbert Burns vows to deliver a masterpiece against Stephen Thompson at UFC 264

Gilbert Burns learned a lot from the loss against Kamaru Usman in his last fight and he is ready to show it all at UFC 264.

Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson
Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson

The former UFC Welterweight title challenger, Gilbert Burns will be entering inside the Octagon at the co-main event of UFC 264 to face the number 4th ranked Welterweight fighter, Stephen Thompson.

Burns last faced the UFC Welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, at the main event of UFC 258. He faced a third-round TKO loss in this fight and now he is eager to recover from his unsuccessful try to win the title.

Now, he’ll be facing one of the most refined strikers in the Welterweight division, ‘Wonderboy’ and Gilbert Burns is planning to show a more evolved version of himself against a fighter completely different from his past opponents.

In his latest interview with Ag Fight, Burns says, “We have pretty different styles, It’s been a long time since he has fought someone like me or guys that can fight like me. I think the last one was Anthony Pettis, but he kicks a lot more than I do and he can’t wrestle like me.”

“The one closest to me would be Woodley, with good takedowns and heavy hands. Because I’ve been fighting at lightweight for a long time, I think I have an edge over those guys in speed. I’ve never fought a striker that moves like him.” {H/T BloodyElbow}

Burns added, “He’s a danger to me, but I’m a danger to him, too. I’ve been sharpening all my tools. I’ve been training in order to have many weapons at my disposal. There’s some good stuff coming.”

Gilbert Burns is ready to show his ability to change the gameplan between rounds

Gilbert Burns
Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Burns was on a six-fight win streak before he lost his last fight against Kamaru Usman. Now, Durinho promises to show a more intelligent version of himself as he learned a lot from the loss against Usman.

Burns says, “I made some mistakes in the Usman fight, but it’s my style, I go in there to finish the fight. It’s kill or be killed. A lot of people won’t try it, but I will. I learned a lot.”

“I was able to learn a lot about myself, how I deal with pressure. Some technical mistakes and mistakes in my game plan, too. I’m still evolving and I think I’ll be able to show a lot of it against Wonderboy.” {H/T BloodyElbow}

He concluded, “I think people will be able to notice it, yes. They can expect a more aggressive Durinho, more mature and bit more strategical.”

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