“Why don’t you post the video of Dustin Poirier dropping you with a body shot,” Jorge Masvidal fires back at Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal fired back at Colby Covington for releasing the video of Dustin Poirier knocking out his sparring partner.

Jorge Masvidal, Dustin Poirier and Colby Covington
Jorge Masvidal, Dustin Poirier and Colby Covington

The former UFC interim Welterweight champion and Dustin Poirier’s training partner, Colby Covington released a video of Poirier yesterday. In this video ‘The Diamond’ can be seen landing a hard punch on his training partner and walking away while saying and new.

Through, this video Covington wanted to show a bad image of Poirier knocking out his partner in the training session. Covington said this video footage was of Poirier’s training before his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov and in one of his interviews with What the Heck, he informed that he got some footage of Poirier,

He says, “Dustin is a complete joke, I have video footage to show what type of person Dustin truly is. Everybody hypes him up to be some charitable guy, some nice guy on camera. Some nice guy off-side camera.”

“Oh, he’s a family man. He has a kid. Yeah, his kid and his wife are props. He’s a fake piece of sh*t. The guy is a dirtbag. I have a video of him knocking out an amateur in the gym, and he’s celebrating, dancing around, yelling in the guy’s face.”

Covington added, “Dude, you’re not a UFC world champion. You’re training for Khabib – this isn’t Khabib. … You’re in a closed practice. Beating a guy that’s a humble amateur that came to help you out for your training camp, and you’re going to concuss this guy? And you’re screaming in his face, ‘And new,’ and ‘Woo?’ Dude, this guy is not what everybody says he is.”

But it looks like this plan of Covington got backfired on him as a lot of fighters came forward to support Poirier over this, the former UFC Welterweight title contender and arch-rival of Covington, Jorge Masvidal also came in support of Poirier and blasted Covington with this tweet which says,

“Why don’t you post the video of Dustin Poirier dropping you with a body shot, Always hating on people with power.”

Felipe Douglas also defended Dustin Poirier after Covington released this video

Dustin Poirier net worth
Dustin Poirier

After Colby Covington released this video, Titan FC veteran, Felipe Douglas told MMA Fighting that he is the fighter in that video and he sees nothing wrong with it.

Douglas says, “It was an intense sparring session, and things like that can happen in sparring, There are some people saying I wasn’t wearing gear, but there was no reason to wear training gear, because Dustin trains well, he’s not mean.”

“He hits hard like a fight and caught me and knocked me down. The cornerman took me off the cage and didn’t let me go back. As far as his celebration, people saying he was making fun – that’s the mindset of a guy that is fighting for a belt.” {h/t MMA Fighting}

“I didn’t consider it disrespectful. I don’t do it, but that’s his mindset, envisioning the fight. He was about to fight for the belt, that’s his life.”

Dustin Poirier also responded to this video by his tweet which says, “This is a pro fighter with 20 wins,” in response to Covington saying Felipe Douglas an amateur training partner.

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