“What does Chael say, fight the worst guy on the highest spot on the card,” Sean O Malley responds to critics about his fight at UFC 264

Sean O Malley answers all the critics pointing fingers at him for picking the fight against debutant at UFC 264.

Sean O Malley
Sean O Malley

The UFC Bantamweight fighter, Sean O Malley is going to face the debutant Kris Moutinho in the opening fight of UFC 264’s main card. Earlier, O Malley was booked to face Louis Smolka but he pulled out his name due to a staph infection.

After that a lot of fighters stepped up to fight Sean O Malley due to his popularity, some of them were notable fighters but he agreed to fight a debutant at UFC 264. This received a lot of backlash from fighters and fans around the world, still, O Malley is least concerned about all this.

In his latest interview at The Schmozone Podcast, Sean O Malley says, “I’m ready to hear the ‘I’m not fighting a ranked opponent, it’s like, okay, they offered me, Louis Smolka, he’s not ranked. People were kind of upset with the opponent but they were like, ‘Eh, whatever.’ He pulls out.”

“They say, ‘Oh you didn’t pick a ranked opponent for a replacement.’ I got offered zero, I’ve never been offered a ranked opponent ever. I’ve never fought a ranked opponent – I think Chito when he was 15 or something.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

Suga added, “I Never fought ranked, I’m not ranked. People are mad. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to tell them.”

Though a lot of opponents stepped up to fight O Malley but the best option for him was to fight Ricky Simon, but Simon couldn’t make weight in such a short period of time and Moutinho got the opportunity to face him.

Sean O Malley added, “I told them I want to stay at ‘35, my weight cut right now, my diet and everything is to go to 135. If we can find someone to go to 135, anyone, I’m going to take it at ‘35. If there’s zero people in the world that can take it at ‘35, I will bump up to 145.”

“The UFC sent me a list of a couple guys, Simon being one of them, that could make ‘35. I was like f*ck, that’s a pretty tough fight. It was the toughest fight of the ones that they offered me and I said let’s do it. Then his manager called and said he can’t make 135 and I was like, why is he on the list?” {H/T MMA Fighting}

Sean O Malley wanted to stay on Conor McGregor fight card

Sean O'Malley net worth
Sean O Malley

Sean O Malley is one of the rising UFC fighters in terms of popularity and he is excited to fight on the fight card headlined by ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. He accepted to fight Moutinho so that his popularity will be raised to a new level.

He added, “What does Chael say, fight the worst guy on the highest spot on the card. I literally would get paid the same amount if I fight Khabib Saturday than if I fight Kris. I get paid the same amount. What do I do? I’m a business man that’s good at fighting. I make money from fighting.”

“Ton of respect for him for taking that fight but it’s a dangerous fight, I don’t just TKO people, I don’t just submit people. I really change people’s careers. I knock people out in devastating fashion. So this could be the beginning of his career or it could be the end of his career.”

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