“Tasteless, classless behavior,” ESPN’s Stephen A Smith trashes Conor McGregor for his disrespect towards Dustin Porier’s wife at UFC 264

ESPN reporter Stephen A Smith condemns Conor McGregor's behavior at the main event of UFC 264.

Stephen A Smith on Conor McGregor
Stephen A Smith on Conor McGregor

ESPN’s reporter Stephen A Smith absolutely bashed UFC superstar Conor McGregor for his behavior at UFC 264 after he lost the fight. The reporter believes that this kind of behavior should be condemned.

Conor McGregor has always been a trash-talker and one might say he actually elevated his career with his sh*t talking. The fighter is “notorious” for trying to get into his opponent’s mind leading up to a fight. He almost uses his taunting behavior as a strategy to weaken his rival before getting into the octagon with him. It is fair to say McGregor has taken it too far this time at UFC 264 and Stephen A Smith believes so too.

Smith was accompanied by former UFC stars Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping in the post-fight show. “That’s going too damn far,” Smith said. “Now, I cover the worlds of basketball, football, and things of that nature and the reality is this: if this was any of those athletes, we’d be all over them for the type of language he used and the way he talked about Dustin Poirier’s family. There is absolutely, positively no excuse for McGregor to engage in that tasteless, classless behavior.”

Stephen A Smith thinks the post-fight chaos was uncalled for

Conor McGregor
Conor after the fight got over

After the fight was over, Conor was yelling at the top of his lungs for it to be called a “doctor’s stoppage” and not a TKO. When Joe Rogan later went up to him to ask him about what went down, the Irishman continued to bash Dustin and also disrespected his wife, Jolie Poirier while they were walking off.

“I understand that this is the fight game, and we see a lot of stuff going on from time to time,” Smith continued. “But, to be on your backside with a broken leg and to go at Dustin Poirier that way, where you are attacking and insulting the man’s wife, that’s why Dustin had to be restrained from going after Conor because you’re talking about the man’s wife. It was really uncalled for.”

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