“I think he’s gonna do everything to beat me,” Jan Blachowicz talks about his fight against Glover Teixeira at UFC 266

Jan Blachowicz is ready to show the younger generation how real men fight at UFC 266 against Glover Teixeira.

Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira
Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira
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The UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jan Blachowicz will be returning back to action to defend his title against the veteran of the sport, Glover Teixeira at UFC 266 pay-per-view on 4th September.

Blachowicz will be coming in this fight, riding the biggest win of his career against the UFC Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya in his last fight. But he knows that Teixeira is no stranger to these title fights and Blachowicz thinks this event will serve as a guide to show the younger generation how real man fights.

In his latest interview with Submission Radio, Blachowicz says, “I’ll enjoy this fight, I’m excited, He’s a good fighter, lots of experience. I think he’s gonna be the best version of himself in this fight, because maybe this is going to be his last test for the title.”

“Maybe also one of the last fights in his career. So, I think he’s gonna do everything to beat me, and I have to be ready for this. I think that we’re gonna show the young fighters how real men fight.” {H/T MMA Mania}

Blachowicz won the Light Heavyweight title by defeating Dominick Reyes at UFC 253 and then he gave Adesanya the first loss of his MMA career. Now, he believes he is getting the respect he deserves.

Jan Blachowicz added, “I think people started to respect [me] – not start, they respect me, They know that I’m the true champion right now. You see what Jon Jones is doing, nobody knows what is in his head right now. Maybe he will not fight anymore because he thinks that he’s not so good.”

“No, he is so good, but we catch his level and even we are now much better than he was. And I think he knows. That’s why he doesn’t want to fight anymore. I think that. But we will see. But like I said before, people started to treat me, they treat me like a true champion. I am a true champion. I am happy about that.” {H/T MMA Mania}

Jan Blachowicz intends to stay ready for whatever challenge Teixeira will be bringing for him

Glover Teixeira
Glover Teixeira

Glover Teixeira is coming in this fight riding a winning streak of five fights and the 41-year-old Brazilian fighter will be fighting for the title again, almost after 6 years. Jan Blachowicz is very well aware that he’ll bring a lot of surprises in this fight and this may be his last chance to win the title and ‘The Polish Powerhouse’ is going to be ready for all of them.

Blachowicz added, “I think he will try to take me down and control me on the ground, finish fight on the ground, and my gameplan will be to keep fighting, stand up and try to knock him out. And I will try to do this. Watch out for his boxing skills. But if he takes me down, I will try to stand up.” {H/T MMA Mania}

“But also my Jiu Jitsu is really good. So, I will not panic. If I get a chance to submit him, I will try to do this, because my Jiu Jitsu is really good. But either way, I will try to keep fighting in the stand-up and try to find a way to knock him out.”

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