“Amanda Nunes will beat her in the rematch,” Michael Bisping dismisses Julianna Pena’s win as the biggest upset ever

Michael Bisping doesn't put Julianna Pena's win on the top of biggest upsets in UFC Title Fights history, claims Amanda Nunes is going to win the title in the rematch.

Henry Cejudo on Julianna Pena
Henry Cejudo on Julianna Pena

The UFC women’s Bantamweight champion, Julianna Pena produced one of the biggest upsets in the UFC Title Fights history by defeating the former two divisions UFC champion and number one pound for pound fighter, Amanda Nunes at the co-main event of UFC 269. Pena was the biggest underdog on the whole fight card and she defied all the odds and took Nunes’ Bantamweight title from her.

Julianna Pena shocked the world with his spectacular win against Nunes and entered the list of top five upsets in UFC Title Fights history. Nunes was a -1000 betting favorite entering into this fight and some of the MMA pundits claimed this win of Pena as one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

Although, the former UFC Middleweight champion, Michael Bisping who is also a part of this list begs to differ from giving Julianna Pena a top spot in this list. Talking about Pena vs Nunes in his latest Youtube video, Michael Bisping says, “In terms of the Peña-Nunes upset – which it was an upset, it was a huge upset, a lot of people said it’s one of the biggest upsets of all time that we’ve ever seen in the UFC. I disagree,”

“I think Julianna Peña should be extremely proud of herself. Of course, she just became a champion, she just realized a dream. She defeated the female GOAT. An incredible achievement, BUT it’s not the biggest upset. Matt Serra beating Georges St-Pierre, I think it tops (Peña-Nunes). I think according to the bookies it was the biggest upset of all time and then when you consider the fact that Matt Serra wasn’t even a current UFC fighter.”

Bisping continued, “Matt Serra at the time had been released from the UFC, came back, won the ultimate fighter, that’s how he got a shot at the belt, and I don’t think anyone gave him a hope in hell of beating Georges St-Pierre and he went out there and absolutely demolished him. So that’s my No. 1.” {H/t MMA Fighting}

Michael Bisping claims Amanda Nunes is going to take her title back from Julianna Pena in the rematch

Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Peña
Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Peña

In the UFC 269 post-fight press conference, the UFC president Dana White claims that Nunes’ rematch makes sense for Julianna Pena next, and even ‘Venezuela Vixen’ admitted that she is ready to face Nunes anytime. Michael Bisping claims the result of this rematch is going to be the same as Serra vs Georges St Pierre 2.

Bisping added, “I think Amanda Nunes will 100 percent go in there and fight Julianna Peña a second time, You can’t deny her heart, you can’t deny the body of work that Amanda Nunes has had, the skill that she’s got. You can’t deny any of that. She made some mistakes Saturday night. She got caught up in the moment, she wanted to fight fire with fire, she ran out of steam, she got gassed.”

“You can blame it on Covid, you can blame it on whatever you want, but she got beat. Julianna Peña was the better person on the night. Nunes is gonna want to get that back, she’s gonna want to get that belt back and get her respect back, so make no mistake, I think that’s what we see next.” {H/t MMA Fighting}

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