“Daddy’s in the UFC,” Glover Teixeira taunts Israel Adesanya as Alex Pereira signs for the UFC

Glover Teixeira is confident that Israel Adesanya is scared of his former kickboxing rival Alex Pereira.

Alex Pereira

Not many have challenged Israel Adesanya for his crown at the middleweight division. But we might just witness a stunning matchup in the near future as the champion’s former rival Alex Pereira has signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Alex Pereira is coming for Israel Adesanya‘s belt and light heavyweight contender Glover Teixeira can vouch for the former GLORY kickboxer’s words. Israel Adesanya has never been knocked out in his entire UFC career. The fighter has only one UFC loss, so forget knocking out the middleweight champion. But Alex is a two-division champion in kickboxing and also the only fighter in the world that has managed to knockout Izzy.

In a recent episode of MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca, Glover Teixeira said that Pereira is coming for Izzy’s belt and the champion is scared of him. “Daddy’s in the UFC,” Teixeira said. “Adesanya doesn’t wanna talk about it, ‘This guy is just getting here,’ but he knows it’s a tough one for him. No one gives Adesanya more trouble at 185 than him.”


Glover Teixeira says Israel Adesanya is no match for Alex Pereira

Pereira after knocking out Adesanya

Alex is most likely to take part in the stunning card of UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden. The kickboxer is looking to make his debut against Andreas Michailidis. Glover Texeira who has sparred with the former double champ says the power that Pereira has is unbelievable. “He hits your right rib and the left rib hurts,” Teixeira said in the podcast.

Adesanya has no ground game, at least based on what I saw in his last fight,” Teixeira said. “Adesanya has no ground and wrestling to take Poatan down. In fact, I think Poatan is better than him.”

“Adesanya is no match for him. First of all, he’ll be coming in sh*t-scared. He knocked him out with 10-ounce gloves. With four-ounce gloves on his hand no. Adesanya doesn’t have the knockout power Poatan has. He’s f*cking good, don’t get me wrong, Adesanya is awesome, but he doesn’t hit like him. Adesanya hits like a normal guy, Poatan is not normal,” Texeira claimed in this episode.

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