“I’m about to lose the belt deep,” Alexander Volkanovski reflects on Brian Ortega’s submission attempt at the main event of UFC 266

Alexander Volkanovski talked about nearly losing the title against Brain Ortega at the main event of UFC 266.

Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega
Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega

The UFC Featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski defended his title in a high voltage fight against Brian Ortega in the main event of UFC 266. Volkanovski put on a striking clinic but Ortega also tested his resilience thrice in the fight.

During the mid-point of the fight, Volkanovski swung a wild shot and Ortega caught his neck and applied his signature choke. Alexander Volkanovski was in great trouble for a moment but he survived and talking about that in the post-fight press conference, he says,

“It was deep, It was, ‘Oh, f*ck, I’m about to lose the belt deep.’ But the type of human being I am, we talk about me going through adversity, always being prepared and busting my ass, never give up attitude and all that sh*t, that’s what you seen.”

Volkanovski added, “I was deep. That was as deep as it can get. No sh*t. I remember I was making f*cking weird noises. I don’t remember what noise I made, but it was a weird, ‘Oh, f*ck, I hope I don’t lose this belt.’”

In the next round Ortega again caught Volkanovski, this time with his signature choke, ‘Triangle Choke’ and the champ was so close to being sunk but he survived once again. Alexander Volkanovski added,

“T-City, he’s known for his jiu-jitsu, I thought that he wouldn’t get me that deep. Credit to him.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

Alexander Volkanovski didn’t want to grapple with Brian Ortega

Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega
Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega

Alexander Volkanovski was dictating the pace of the fight throughout the match but there were some instances where he was in deep trouble. From the beginning, he tried to stay away from grappling with Ortega and in the end, his game plan was also reflected in the judges’ scorecard.

Volkanovski added, “The boys were telling me more, posture up, stand up, and I thought they meant, ‘Get the f*CK out of there,’ Which I don’t blame them for saying that if they did, but I thought they wanted me to keep raining bombs.”

“I was giving him big shots, and it looked like he was done, but he come back stronger. So I’m just going to give him credit.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

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