“Sounds like he’s on the piss,” Alexander Volkanovski reacts to Conor McGregor’s disrespectful callout after UFC 266

Alexander Volkanovski reacts to Conor McGregor's violent call out after UFC 266/

Alexander Volkanovski on Conor McGregor
Alexander Volkanovski and Conor McGregor

Alexander Volkanovski took out Brian Ortega at the main event of UFC 266 in a title match. He demolished Ortega for five rounds and regained his belt in a possible fight of the year. Ortega displayed incredible toughness but he was no match for the intense pressure of the champion.

MMA community was very impressed by his performance, and they expressed their regards to the champ for securing the 20th straight win of his professional career. There was one man though who criticized Alex after the fight, and that was Conor McGregor. During the post-fight interview, Alex replied to Conor’s comment, and he said, “Sounds like he’s on the piss. Good on him. So am I.”

There is no way in hell that Conor will compete at featherweight again, but if this match were to happen, then it would have been a great one. After the fight, even Conor was impressed by Alex, and he wrote,

“I’d kick this volovski head off like it was a rugby,” Conor McGregor trolls the featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski

Conor McGregor and Alexander Volkanovski
Conor McGregor and Alexander Volkanovski

The Irishman has been calling out a plethora of names on Twitter over the recent weeks. While many blame it on coke and weed, McGregor never really cares, except a few times when he is playing ‘tweet-and-delete’.

During UFC 266 main event which featured Volkanovski and Brian Ortega in a featherweight title fight, McGregor took to Twitter to mock Volk’s height. It is worth noting that Volkanovski looked in tremendous shape during his fight, which led to commentators Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier acknowledging that he never looked this fit.

Conor McGregor’s Tweet read, “I’d kick this volovski head off like it was a rugby ball I was kicking. 5’4! And full of muscle! Hahahahaha little fart he is. Not even a little fart. A shart haahahahaj jackass.”

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