“She tends to speak up where it’s not her place”- Aspen Ladd vows to make Miesha Tate eat her own words

Aspen Ladd will take on Miesha Tate in the near future. Will she be able to make Tate eat her words or will Tate get the better of Ladd?

Aspen Ladd vs Miesha Tate
Aspen Ladd lashes back on Miesha Tate

Aspen Ladd is waiting for her turn to be in the spotlight for being the Bantamweight division titleholder. The path to glory is long and arduous, but nothing ventured, nothing achieved. She has thus challenged a superstar of the women’s UFC for a long time, and now, the fight might actually happen.

Aspen Ladd turned professional in the year 2015. Earlier, she fought in Invicta FC. Ladd made her UFC debut against Lina Lanesberg on 22 Oct 2017 at the UFC 118. She won the match via TKO in the second round and the referee had to intervene between the two warring women after hearing Ladd’s warcry.

Julianna Pena winning the title will affect Ladd’s road to the title a great deal. She was asked about how her year has been by MMA Fighting. She said, “The last few months were bizarre, drawn-out, and unexpected.”

In her latest fight, Ladd faced Norma Dumont on 16 October 2021 and lost via unanimous decision. When asked about what was running through her mind during the fight she said, “You never know that kind of stuff and anything that I will say will sound like an excuse, but it is not. I overthought everything and underperformed. I wasn’t in the moment and I have never been like that in years.”

“I will take her on anytime she wants,” Aspen Ladd is tired of Miesha Tate’s unwanted opinions

Aspen Ladd
Aspen Ladd is fed up with Miesha Tate

In the interview, Ladd was asked whether she would like to settle things with Tate in an old-fashioned way, a fight, to which she replied, “Oh absolutely! I mean if you look at her, she has set up the fight already. If you are gonna do that, if you are gonna talk trash if you are gonna say things you have no right to say and if you say everyone is calling you out, then, of course, that’s true. Everyone wants to fight you.”

She also added, “When you say very particular things about someone and don’t feel like backing them up, then I don’t know what that makes you, but definitely not a fighter.

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