“Three tweets and a soda” – Belal Muhammad and Leon Edwards go back and forth on a barrage of Twitter exchanges

“Three tweets and a soda” – Belal Muhammad and Leon Edwards go back and forth on a barrage of Twitter exchanges

Belal Muhammad vs Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad – both competed at the recently concluded UFC 263. While Edwards faced Nate Diaz, Muhammad took on Demian Maia. Both the fighters emerged victorious in their respective fights via. unanimous decision, and cemented their respective positions in the welterweight rankings.

Prior to the fight, many expected Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad to have at least a minor tussle because of what happened a couple of months ago. Edwards took on Muhammad, earlier this year in March, and the match ended in a no-contest due to eye pokes from Edwards that nearly gouged the eye off Muhammad’s socket.


Following the fight, many believed that a rematch would soon be on the cards, but Edwards was totally uninterested in a rematch, much to the dismay and anger of Muhammad. The pair have been sharing bad blood ever since then, and they recently took it to another level during a heated Twitter exchange.

“Aren’t you the guy that got 3 piece and soda’d?” – Belal Muhammad clowns Leon Edwards

Edwards called Muhammad a clown for recently expressing his desire to fight Edwards in a rematch.

Muhammad replied, “Aren’t you the guy that got 3 piece and soda’d ?”


Instead of posting a single tweet, Muhammad had decided to cheekily “hit him with 3 tweets and a soda.”

Leon then replied, “Where was this energy in person I just sin you fight week n you couldn’t even look at me you walk past with you head down. wtf is happening here.”

Muhammad then wrote, “5 hours later and this is what you come up with ? Smh very disappointed.”


If Edwards deserves a title shot, Muhammad does deserve a rematch against Edwards. The number 9 ranked welterweight is on a five-fight win streak, with his last loss coming against Geoff Neal back in January 2019. The tough-as-nails American will do all it takes to rematch with the Brit.

Edwards, on the other hand, has been phenomenal as well. His victory over Nate Diaz was his ninth consecutive victory in the promotion. He is currently ranked number 3 in the division and has solidified his position.

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