Alexander Volkanovski dishes Conor McGregor at bottom of the flyweight Champions class

Alexander Volkanovski bashes Conor McGregor as he places him last in the order of the flyweight champions in history.

Conor McGregor and Alexander Volkanovski
Conor McGregor and Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski hopes to be considered the greatest featherweight of all time but he’s not ready to put himself on top of that list just yet. As he prepares to defend his title for the third time at UFC 273, the 33-year-old Australian knows he’s already held in high regard amongst his peers as well as fight fans but he still looks at one of his former opponents as the best there’s ever been at 145 pounds.

Alexander Volkanovski said at UFC 273 media day that he belives he has more work to be the greatest of all time. He also added that “I give [Jose] Aldo the respect. To be a champion for as long as he was, he’s incredible. No matter the opposition that I’m facing like himself, Max [Holloway] and that, I’m fighting absolute killers, it’s pretty clear. “But at the same time, to be champion that long — there’s gonna be days you don’t show up, bad weight cuts, injuries, you name it.”

Volkanovski continued” We’ve all done it and it’s a nightmare to not be on, on a day where you’ve got to go out there and defend your belt. “But again, I feel like I’ve definitely done a lot more than him so out of all the champions, I’d say he would have to be at the bottom of the list. He ain’t gonna like that but whatever.”

“You need title defenses, that’s the thing” Alexander Volkanovski dishes on Conor McGregor’s lack of title defenses

Alexander Volkanovski
Alexander Volkanovski training

Alexander Volkanovski’s arrival in the UFC actually came almost a year after McGregor defeated Aldo to become champion so they never actually crossed paths while both competing at featherweight. “You need [title] defenses, that’s the thing,” Alexander Volkanovski said. “I’m going to give him respect. The dude can fight. He made some bad decisions and all that type of stuff but he can fight. To take out Aldo in Aldo’s prime, that’s saying something as well. Aldo is still showing he’s still in his prime, he doesn’t age.

Considering he already has a win over Aldo alongside two victories against Max Holloway in the past, Volkanovski would love nothing more than to add the only other featherweight champion in UFC history to his resume even if the fight had to happen in a different division. “Everyone’s going to throw [Conor McGregor] out there cause it’s the money fight and all that type of circus around it and all that but again this is a guy he’s held this belt in my division as well,” Volkanovski said. “I’ve taken out the other guys, I haven’t had a chance to do him.

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