“There was something really there” – John McCarthy weighs in on rivalry between Brendan Schaub and UFC President Dana White

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and UFC President Dana White share a rather tumultuous relationship.

Brendan Schaub and Dana White
Brendan Schaub and Dana White

Brendan Schaub hung up his gloves when he was just 31 years old. The former UFC heavyweight retired with a very average record of 10 wins and 5 losses. He is currently a stand-up comedian and also a podcast host where he invites well-known fighters and has a good long chat with them.

Schaub had a tumultuous relationship with UFC President Dana White and former UFC referee John McCarthy weighed in on their relationship. McCarthy recalled a time when White asked everyone to not listen to Schaub when he made a comment during a time when Israel Adesanya’s fight was approaching. White had also referenced Schaub getting knocked out by a truckload of fighters.

McCarthy then stated that Brendan Schaub came up with a perfect response that totally shut down the UFC President. Schaub had subtly stated quite a serious issue masquerading it with the Eskimo Brothers reference.

Brendan Schaub pulled off the greatest one, ever, with Dana

McCarthy was quoted as saying, “Brendan Schaub pulled off the greatest one, ever, with Dana. It was just the best. Because back then, Israel Adesanya was (about to) fight, Brendan Schaub made a comment about something, and Dana basically came out saying ‘Don’t ever listen to him, he couldn’t fight. He got knocked out by everyone,’ all the stuff he said, which was wrong. It was just wrong for Dana to say it.”

He continued, “But the response by Brendan was great. The last thing being, ‘this is not the way that Eskimo brothers act. And if you want to keep talking, I will let everything out.’ I knew exactly what he was talking about, I’m not gonna say what it was. But you noticed that Dana right away had no more comments for Brendan Schaub at that time. Because there was something really there.”

There was a time when Brendan Schaub dated legendary UFC women’s fighter Ronda Rousey (now retired). The pair were partners for quite a while. And during the same timeline rumors were afloat that Dana White had an affair with Rousey, which is why Schaub might have probably brought out the Eskimo brothers reference.

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