“I’m an expert in performance enhancers, EPO, without question, is my favorite,” Chael Sonnen shares his expert opinion on EPO usage after TJ Dillashaw’s claims

The former two-time UFC Bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw downplays the use of EPO but Chael Sonnen shares his expert opinion on it.

Chael Sonnen and TJ Dillashaw
Chael Sonnen and TJ Dillashaw

The former two-time UFC Bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw is coming back inside the Octagon after being suspended for two years due to EPO usage for facing the number 2nd ranked Bantamweight fighter, Cory Sandhagen at the main event of UFC Vegas 32.

With Dillashaw coming back the topic of using EPO again came into the limelight and during the pre-fight press conference for UFC Vegas 32, TJ Dillashaw claims this thing didn’t help him at all.

Dillashaw says, “I would let every one of my opponents take what I was taking. I couldn’t care less because it did not help me, I actually feel ten times better now, than I did going into that fight.”

“I had to lie to myself and tell myself how great I felt going into it, because you’re a mentally tough, best in the world, pound-for-pound fighter, but to be honest I couldn’t care less if any of those guys are taking what I was doing.”

Although the former UFC title contender, Chael Sonnen has a completely different take on EPO. He failed multiple tests in his MMA career and he claims that he has taken various substances but EPO remained his favorite one.

While talking on his Youtube channel, Sonnen says, “EPO, of all the performance enhancers, I will tell you, personal experience here. I’m an expert in performance enhancers — for all the wrong reasons — but an expert nonetheless. EPO, without question, is my favorite,”

“I felt I’ve taken everything. I’ve gone into GNC’s or health stores and tried everything on the shelf on the off chance that something would work — and it doesn’t. They’re all junk.”

Chael Sonnen added, “None of that stuff anywhere on those shelves works. But the same is true with performance enhancements, you’re not going to get a bump on all of them.”

Chael Sonnen claims EPO is an incredible drug and enhances performance to a different level

TJ Dillashaw on USADA
TJ Dillashaw

Sonnen added that EPO helps the athlete to increase his endurance and it can also help them to train for a longer period of time. Chael Sonnen says, “It directly affects your cardiovascular output,”

“It’s not going to make you bigger, it’s not going to make you leaner, it’s not going to make you stronger. It’s going to give you more endurance. A guy that takes EPO, particularly in training, can now just train longer, He can hit the bag that many times more. He can jump that rope many times more.”

In the end, Sonnen concluded, “USADA is very clear. Here’s the things you can take, here’s the things you cannot take, I only share that because I’ve heard a number of guys say ‘well that didn’t help me.’ That could be true, but I’ll tell you EPO would not fall into that.”

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