“People think I’m rich, but I’m not,” UFC Lightweight champion Charles Oliveira talks about his UFC pay

Charles Oliveira talks about the money that goes into his pocket after winning a UFC fight or performance of the night bonus.

Charles Oliveira
Charles Oliveira

The newly crowned UFC Lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira received a grand welcome while returning to his home country in Brazil. Oliveira achieved his childhood dream after a decade of struggle inside the promotion.

Charles Oliveira holds the record of most finishes in UFC history (17) and second-most performance of the night bonuses (16). Despite all these wins, Oliveira claims that he isn’t a rich man until now.

During his recent interview with Brazilian outlet Combate, Oliveira says he hopes to get a piece of UFC PPV revenue as he is holding the Lightweight title now. ‘Do Bronx’ says,

“I have to pay for training, supplementation, it’s complicated, and People think I’m rich, but I’m not. I’m still going to become rich, I’m going to make money with a percentage of pay-per-view, I’ve reached a level where I start to make serious money. Things will start to improve, more than they already are.” {H/T MMA Mania}

Oliveira added, “Do you know how much gets deducted? The team alone gets 30%, then you need to discount another 12% or 15% depending on which US state you fought in. You have other deductions for I don’t know what or to where.”

“When you see it at the end you got less than guys who didn’t do anything. I didn’t earn $50,000 bonuses 17 times. I actually earned $15,000, $12,000, $10,000.”

Charles Oliveira still paying installments for his luxury items

Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler at UFC 262
Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler at UFC 262

After winning the UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 262 by defeating Michael Chandler, Oliveira believes things will be better for him now. But even after fighting in UFC almost for a decade, he is still paying installments for all these luxury items.

Oliveira says, “Is Charles today rich? No, I have a good life. I have a better life than I had. Do I have a nice car? yes, but I also have to pay it in expensive installments. Do I have a motorcycle? I do, but I need to pay another set of installments.”

“What I always wanted for my life was to try to be able to buy all the best things as much as possible, cuz you never know what tomorrow may bring and to accomplish my dreams. I pay for things slowly. If I stay six or seven months without fighting, then things start to get tight.” {H/T MMA Mania}

Charles Oliveira concluded, “I read the other day an articles saying I got paid nine hundred thousand dollars or something. I said if it happened I am being robbed, because it didn’t get to me!”

In UFC the fighters have been always vocal about UFC’s pay scale. What are your views on the pay scale for fighters like Oliveira?

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