“I’m getting another surgery,” Chris Weidman says his leg is not getting better

Chris Weidman suffers a setback during his recovery from the traumatic injury at UFC 261.

Chris Weidman at the hospital

Chris Weidman won’t be returning to the octagon any sooner. The former middleweight champion met with a traumatic injury at UFC 261 against his fight with Uriah Hall.


Chris Weidman showed some progress over the months after his terrible injury against Uriah Hall at UFC 261. But things seemed to have slowed down again as the middleweight fighter revealed in a recent interview with MMA Today on Sirius XM. Weidman has been constantly letting the world and his fans know about the ups and downs in his journey to recovery.

Many believed Chris was going in the right direction from his updates and would make a comeback soon. In a recent interview with MMA Today, UFC fighter, Miesha Tate asked Weidman what was his current condition right now with the injury and the middleweight fighter broke the news of another surgery. “I’m actually getting another surgery, I just found out,” Weidman told MMA Today on Sirius XM on Wednesday. Apparently, Weidman’s broken bones are not healing the right way.


“I’m a positive person,” Chris Weidman does not want to let this setback get to him mentally

Chris Weidman vs. Uriah Hall

Talking about his injury, Chris further elaborated as to why he needed another surgery. “I’m getting another surgery, most likely on Aug. 11. They’re going to have to plate the fibula bone because I guess it’s considered a non-union so the bones aren’t healing the way it’s supposed to, which kind of sucks,” he said on the show.

“But I did expect setbacks and some issues with this type of traumatic injury. I’ve been through a lot. At the end of the day, I’m a positive person, to begin with. Not that I don’t have moments of negativity and just laziness, lack of motivation but I’m usually a glass-half-full type of person. So I think that helps.” Despite this setback, Chris is strong mentally and will look to overcome this injury.

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