Report: UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell was arrested for domestic violence charges!

Former UFC champion and Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell was arrested on Monday for domestic charges.

Chuck Liddell

Recently we witnessed UFC’s former light heavyweight champion, and Hall of Famer Jon Jones getting arrested for battery domestic charges right after getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This was a very unfortunate event, but now another UFC legend and Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell has been arrested in the Los Angeles area for domestic violence. Chuck is being held at Malibu/ Lost Hills Sheriff’s station in Agoura Hills, California. The 51-year-old ex-martial artist had to pay $20,000 for his bail.

Liddell’s wife Heidi Northcott called the police at their home when an argument between the couple turned physical. Fortunately, no physical damage was done to her wife, and she needed no medical help.

Jon Jones released statement after getting arrested in similar manner as that of Chuck Liddell

Jon Jones

Details Of Jon Jones ‘arrest were released earlier in that day as per TMZ when his fiancé went to take a new key and on-duty guard asked her if there is any problem & she started to cry and told him that she was scared to go back to the room, then cops were called in Cesar’s Palace. Police found Jones’s fiancé Jessie Moses bleeding from her nose and mouth.

Jones purportedly pulled his fiancé’s hair and shove his head into a police car and moreover he also threatened to sue the police for arresting him on the biggest night of his career. Jon was released later with a bond and a next court appearance due on Oct 26. On Tuesday night, He broke his silence and showed his feeling with an Instagram post and 1995 hit Randy Newman’s song “You Have Got A Friend In Me” was played on that post.

He wrote four separate notes:

  • “I have way too much trauma to consume alcohol,” Jones wrote. “My brain simply can’t handle it anymore. I will leave alcohol in my past forever.
  • “Now is the time to work harder than ever.
  • “Turn this nightmare into the best thing to ever happen in my life.
  • “What the devil means for bad, God means for good.
  • “Get right back on my horse.”

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