Ciryl Gane will dethrone the champion, Bon Gamin huge favorite to beat The Predator at UFC 270

Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane are set to meet each other inside the octagon this Saturday and the interim champion is currently the favorite to leave the arena with the undisputed championship.

Ciryl Gane
Ciryl Gane

Ciryl Gane and Francis “The Predator” Ngannou are going to clash this weekend for the UFC heavyweight championship.

According to the betting odds on UFC’s official website, the interim champion is likely to leave with the undisputed championship this Saturday. Gane is a slight favorite to win the championship, Gane is the favorite at -125 and Ngannou is the underdog at +105.

francis ngannou and ciry gane betting odds
francis ngannou and ciryl gane betting odds

Gane has never tasted defeat inside the octagon and has won all of his fights quite convincingly. Gane has shown everything in these fights, he has done five rounds, won by knockouts and submission, the only thing Gane is yet to face inside the octagon in the adversity. None of Gane’s opponents has had any kind of success against him be it standing, in the clinch, or on the mat. Gane moves his feet really well and has been able to neutralize all the attacks from his opponents.

Gane has 10 fights in MMA as a pro and seven of them are in the UFC. He entered the UFC with only three fights in MMA but looked apart from the pack in his very first fight. Gane, primarily a Muay Thai fighter, won his first two fights in the UFC by submission. Gane has the cardio, fight IQ, speed on his side but the biggest factor Ngannou has on his side is power. Ngannou’s only way to win this fight is by knockout and when this is the case the betting odds are generally against you.

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“Good luck my man”, Ciryl Gane has nothing mean to say to Francis Ngannou

ciryl gane and francis ngannou
ciryl gane and francis ngannou

Gane and Ngannou used to train together. They were never friends but had a healthy relationship. Since Ngannou’s move to Vegas, he’s had issues with his former coach Fernard Lopez, who has said some nasty thing about his former student. This fight is painted as a grudge match, but the grudge is not between the two fighters competing inside the octagon.

Fernand Lopez Francis Ngannou
Fernand Lopez and Francis Ngannou, Ciryl Gane and Fernand Lopez

Gane when asked if he would shake hands with Ngannou after the fight at UFC 270 said, “Before, after, during”, when pointed that he may be punching him during the fight, Gane said, “Of course, but understand exactly my feelings that I got no deal with him. it’s just like my former, another opponent and that’s it.”

When asked if he has any message for his opponent, Gane said, “Good luck my man, good luck, do your best because I’m gonna do my best”

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