“Those guys are going to make a complete mockery of the show,” Colby Covington trashes the TUF coaches

Colby Covington talked trash about Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega for destroying this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Colby Covington, Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega
Colby Covington, Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega

The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter will return to the television next week with the UFC Featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski and the number 2nd ranked Featherweight fighter, Brian Ortega as its coach.

Before these two were finalized as coaches for this season, rumors were there for months that UFC is trying to finalize the number one Welterweight fighter, Colby Covington as a coach against him arch-rival Jorge Masvidal or the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

But none of this deal gets finalized and the promotion decided to move with Volkanovski and Ortega instead. During the past, this show has seen some very intense moments between the coaches and Covington believes this season isn’t that exciting.

In his latest interview with James Lynch, Covington says, “Yikes. I know Hunter Campbell and Dana White probably had to go behind closed doors and be smacking themselves in the head because you don’t want those two guys as your coaches as your comeback season of The Ultimate Fighter,”

“Those guys are going to make a complete mockery of the show. There’s just no entertainment factor there. Those guys, yeah, they’re decent fighters for the little weights, for the little midgets, but they don’t sell.” {H/T BJ Penn}

Colby Covington believes fans would have preferred watching him as coach

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

Not only this Colby Covington makes a statement and said fans would have preferred to watch him as the coach of TUF rather than Volkanovski or Ortega.

Covington added, “There’s no controversy, there’s no drama, there’s nothing. There’s no storyline. So I feel bad for the show. I wish I could have came back to the show and give the people what they want.” {H/T BJ Penn}

Volkanovski and Ortega were originally booked to face each other for UFC 260 but the champion got infected with COVID and this fight gets rescheduled. After that UFC approached them to be the coach of TUF.

Do you agree with Colby Covington’s claim of Brain Ortega and Alexander Volkanovski being wrong choices for this season of the TUF?

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