“You’d be the easiest fight for the most money” – Henry Cejudo and Mike Tyson have a discussion with McGregor as the subject

Mike Tyson and Henry Cejudo are seen in a video discussing about Conor McGregor.

Henry Cejudo Conor McGregor
Henry Cejudo and Conor McGregor

Henry Cejudo and Conor McGregor are in an ongoing row after the former commented on a training video of Conor. It seems like Mike Tyson now has been made a part of it too.

Henry Cejudo is currently in a Twitter Feud with McGregor that began because Cejudo took it upon himself to share pointers to the Irishman. McGregor ,who over time has been sharing footages of his training, was offended by the former Olympian’s “kind” gesture and in a now deleted tweet, labeled Cejudo a ” fat novice”.

Conor is currently on the road to recovery after breaking his leg in his fight against Dustin Poirer. He is now training to become stronger and improve his technique, at the Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin.

In retaliation to his fat joke, Henry posted a video where he is seen having a discussion with Mike Tyson, regarding the online feud. The two share a close relationship, with Cejudo often making appearances as a Spanish Interpreter for Tyson’s podcast.

Chopping it up with Uncle Mike. (Conor) you’d be the easiest fight for the most money. I promise if we fight I’ll make sure red panty night as farts and skids all over them,” Cejudo captioned the video of him.

In the video, Tyson asks Cejudo, “What did he say, he wants to fight?”. To which Cejudo replies, “He put a video of him hitting pads, but he’s got no set ups Mike. He throws naked, you’ve got to be able to have that twitch. You know what I’m saying, Mike?”

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Conor McGregor slams Henry Cejudo after his workout diss

Henry Cejudo Mike Tyson Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson and Cejudo

Cejudo’s recent Tweet is a response to the Notorious outbursts to Henry’s coaching instruction.

Conor replies,via a tweet, “The opening punches are the traps/feints/fakes. You ever hear or see that before? Your little feints won’t draw me out, kid. But pump a few real shots you might get a response. You are a little fat novice with about 2 ko’s. At bantam. I’ve 20. Across 3 divisions. Quiet, you bum!”

Cejudo will be in attendance at UFC 273 in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday to corner The Korean Zombie as he takes on featherweight  champion, Alexander Volkanovski.

McGregor, on the other hand, is expected back in the Octagon by the summer, as he is yet to completely recover.

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