“I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage,” Conor McGregor says that he got injured during the training and the UFC knew about it

Conor McGregor reveals that he got injured during the training camp, and they thought about pulling out from this one, according to McGregor the UFC knew all about it.

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier
Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

The rubber match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier had an anticlimactic ending, as Conor broke his foot just as the first round was ending and Dustin was declared as the winner.

Many people speculated that Dustin checked one of Conor’s leg kicks and that caused the fracture, Conor’s coach John Kavanagh believes that the straight kick that Conor threw just before his leg snapped caused the injury. Now Conor has addressed this, and he revealed that he had multiple stress fractures even before the fight started.

“The leg is better than ever,” McGregor said. “I was injured going into the fight. People are asking me, ‘When was the leg broke? At what point did the leg break?’ Ask Dana White, ask the UFC, ask Dr. Davidson, the head doctor of the UFC. They knew, I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage.”

“There was debate about pulling the thing out because I was sparring without shin pads and I would kick the knee a few times. So I had multiple stress fractures in the shin bone above the ankle and then I have trouble with the ankle anyway throughout the years of f*cking fighting all the time. And I also was rapping me ankle every training session.”

“It’s a horrible place to be in when you’re against someone like me,” Conor McGregor thinks he was dominating Dustin Poirier in their ground exchange

Conor McGregor on his upkicks
Conor McGregor on his upkicks

Dustin backed Conor McGregor up against the cage, and Conor went for a guillotine, he was unsuccessful in his attempt and Dustin managed to secure the top position, he was landing some big shots from the top, but Conor was defending well with the offense of his own, even though he was on his back Conor believes he was doing better than Dustin at that point.

“I even done a lot of training sessions when the ankle was sore, I still wouldn’t stop training,” McGregor said. “I used to just train on me back and that’s how I developed those ground-and-pound shots from the back. That’s why Dustin backed away from me when he was on top of me and I was landing the upkicks and the elbows.”

“It’s a horrible place to be in when you’re against someone like me. It takes so much effort to try and land shots from your top position and while you’re trying to do that and you’re losing your energy and you’re getting lumped at with downward elbows and vicious upkicks. It was a skill I developed because I had the damaged leg and I had to adjust me training.”

“I know there’s gonna be ups and downs on this journey that I’m gonna be on and I’m aware of them now and I’m just a bit more happy and bit more accepting of it. I’m motivated to keep going,” said McGregor.

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