“I love you all dearly,” Conor McGregor wishes fans from India on the festival of Diwali, makes huge announcements ahead on Twitter

The announcement may make the second most populated nation in the world go berserk.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

Seems like UFC Megastar Conor McGregor knows his biggest fan base lies nowhere but in the land of India. The former UFC two-division champion tweeted out his wishes on the occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights in Indian culture. Besides that, McGregor has tweeted some major things in praise of the country and an announcement ahead.

McGregor last fought at UFC 264 where he lost via Doctor Stoppage to Dustin Poirier after his leg broke due to a failed execution of throwing a steep kick. The trilogy between the two has ended 1-2 in favour of Poirier. But McGregor believes the fourth fight must happen sooner or later. Since then, McGregor has also been involved in a number of Twitter beef with pro fighters who were against his post-fight antics of being the disrespectful person after the Poirier fight.

UFC 264 Fight Motion

Later on, Conor McGregor came to trouble in an award show where he attempted to physically hurt rapper Machine Gun Kelly. As of now, he is charged with physical assault charges from an Italian DJ named Francesco Facchinetti. The Irish mixed-martial artist credentials include significant knockout victories over Dustin Poirier, Eddie Alvarez, Donald Cerrone, Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes and decision victories over Max Holloway and Nate Diaz.

Twitter: UFC Champion Conor McGregor wishes and praises for India and its culture; makes a huge announcement ahead

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

In a series of seven back-to-back separate tweets, Conor McGregor first reposted a video made by a fan page that wishes its Indian followers for the occasion of Diwali, on top of that tweet, McGregor writes, “Happy Diwali to all my Indian supporters! I love you all dearly [inserts Indian flag and a heart emoji]”

McGregor then came out with reposting news of Indian women’s MMA fighter Ritu Phogat winning her recent MMA bout. McGregor was all filled with joy and is eager for more MMA associated achievements in the name of the country. He tweets “Rooting for the Indians to make a stamp in this game soon! Quite very possibly the most respectful and caring nationality I’ve ever met in my life, the Indians. Let’s go India [inserts Indian flag and a heart emoji]”

In his third consecutive tweet, McGregor talks about worldly Indian contributions that are carried and admired across the world today. He puts “India invented chess. Invented Yoga. They even thought us how to count. Einstein said we owe a lot to the Indians. There is even a golden temple in India that feeds 100,000 people a day for FREE! Man, the Indians are fucking awesome! If you are Indian, I say thank you [inserts heart and Indian emoji]”

In his fourth tweet, McGregor then chooses to point out the relation between Indian drinks and whiskey since he is a business tycoon in the field of alcoholic drinks through his Whiskey brand, Proper 12. He says, “Whiskey is even the National drink out there! What a place! I may be somewhat Indian. In my soul I am Indian. Proper Twelve to India!”

Conor McGregor steps up his appreciation game to make a major announcement that may fill Indian fans with extreme excitement beyond their imagination. He claimed “I’m going to India to study Yoga. To gain a deeper understanding of chess. And to drink Proper Whiskey at breakfast! India, baby!! We did it! [inserts Indian flag, an alcohol glass and Ireland’s flag emoji]

In his second-last tweet, McGregor praised Indian medical officials and their kind nature. He tweeted “The amount of Indian doctors and nurses I’ve encountered over this lifetime of violence. They just have complete care, peace and love in their soul! India I love you [inserts heart emoji]”

In his last tweet, Conor McGregor wished back Indian MMA fighter Gurdarshan Singh Mangat saying “War after war and we are still here! Onwards and upwards to all the real out there! God bless us all [inserts heart and namaste emoji]”

India: The next big platform for immense talent of MMA

Arjan Singh Bhullar vs Brandon Vera

This kind of back-to-back appreciation for Indian fans is quite unexpected since the UFC itself has never talked about the country. But this kind of gesture from Conor McGregor would mean a lot to Indian fans in India and across the world. India’s international stamp in the sport of MMA is most evident in ONE Championship, a Singapore based multi-martial-arts promotion where we have our first international MMA champion in Arjan Singh Bhullar.

Besides that, in ONE, there is the aforementioned Ritu Phogat of the infamous Phogat sisters who have dominated the Indian women’s freestyle wrestling. We also have Gurdarshan Singh Mangat and many more Indians representing the nation out there. Another major international organization that hosts Indian fighters is Brave Combat Federation, a promotion based in Bahrain.

Indian MMA promotions are moderately popular but would exponentially grow a few years down the line, this includes MFN MMA and Super Fight League. What did you take of Conor McGregor’s grateful tweets for the land of unity in diversity? Which city would be the best to host the “Notorious” one?

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