“I’m the highest one on the food chain,” Cory Sandhagen believes he is the best fighter in the division

Cory Sandhagen wanted to fight TJ Dillashaw, and after he's done with him, he wants to go out there and prove to the world that he is at the top of the food chain.

Cory Sandhagen
Cory Sandhagen

Cory Sandhagen is going to headline the main event of UFC Vegas 32, against the former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, who is going to return to the octagon after two years of USADA’s suspension.

The winner of this fight is definitely next in line for the title shot, and Sandhagen stated that he is out on a mission to prove that he is at the top of the food chain, Aljamain Sterling is the current bantamweight champion and he holds a victory over Sandhagen. Sterling is supposed to defend his belt against Petr Yan, and Sandhagen believes both of these challenges are unique in their own way.

He said, “Both would be sweet in their own way. I really want to get my loss back against Sterling just because I have an ego inside of me that doesn’t want people thinking that anyone is better than me. That’s kind of what we’re all doing out here. We’re proving where we all stack up on the food chain. It would really make me happy to have everyone know that I’m higher on the food chain than both Sterling and Yan.”

“Proving that against Sterling would be sweet. Beating Yan, because I know people think very, very highly of Yan (and I think very highly of his skills also, too), but taking out a competitor like that where people see this guy as the top dog like I said, I have an ego inside me. I want to prove that I’m king of the jungle, that I’m the highest one on the food chain. So, both of those would be sweet wins,” Sandhagen concluded.

“This is the fight that I wanted,” Cory Sandhagen reveals he wanted to fight TJ Dillashaw before getting his title shot

Cory Sandhagen on TJ Dillashaw
Cory Sandhagen on TJ Dillashaw

Cory Sandhagen revealed that he wanted this fight against Dillashaw because he would give him enough exposure to make his presence known in the fight game. “This is the fight that I wanted,” Cory Sandhagen said. “I know that building a name is really important in this sport. One of the main motivators behind me asking for a fight with T.J. is him and Yan were kind of going back and forth a little bit. I remember Yan saying that if he beats Sterling, he wanted someone with some name value.”

“It’s just about taking out anyone else’s argument. That’s kind of what it’s always been about since I lost against Sterling. That’s what I’m going to do until I get my title shot.”

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