“Amanda Nunes’ danger is in the beginning,” Cris Cyborg rips Amanda Nunes for quitting against Julianna Pena at UFC 269

The former UFC women’s featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg attacks Amanda Nunes for her weak performance at UFC 269.

Cris Cyborg on Amanda Nunes
Cris Cyborg on Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes gets slammed by Cris Cyborg! It’s been almost one week since the UFC women’s Bantamweight champion, Julianna Pena produced one of the biggest upsets in UFC history by defeating Amanda Nunes at the co-main event of UFC 269. But the MMA world is still buzzing about it. Nunes was betting favorite into this fight with odds of -1000 and Pena defied all odds with her spectacular performance.

This came as a shock for many fellow fighters, but the former UFC women’s featherweight champion, Cyborg already saw it coming. Amanda Nunes had a strong first-round entering into this fight but completely turned the tide in her favor at the start of the second round. Julianna Pena poured punches on Nunes and when she senses the champ getting fatigued, Pena made her tap.

Talking about Nunes’ loss in her recent interview with Combat Sports on Fanatics View, Cyborg says, “You know, I was not surprised, I picked Julianna Peña because the five losses for Nunes, four were the same style as Julianna Peña. Before my fight with Nunes, we knew Nunes’ danger is in the beginning, in the first round. If you pass the first round with her, you can get in the fight.”

“We knew this. Of course, when you fight her, you go fire to fire and that happens, you know, what happened. We knew that when she goes past the first round, she sees she cannot finish you, so she’s either going to run away or quit on the floor or something, and this is what happened with Julianna Peña.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

Cris Cyborg claims Amanda Nunes didn’t gassed out, she gave up in the fight against Pena

Cris Cyborg on Amanda Nunes
Julianna Pena says Amanda Nunes “Didn’t quit” against her.

The former UFC women’s featherweight champion, Cyborg lost her title to Amanda Nunes back in 2018, that too within just 51 seconds of the very first round and now she is fighting in Bellator. Cyborg further claimed that Nunes doesn’t have the will to fight if it goes past the first round.

Cris Cyborg continued, “I don’t feel like Julianna did any submission because she didn’t have a submission the way she finished the fight, I feel like Amanda Nunes at one point, she sees she cannot finish and Julianna Peña continued going forward and she tapped. But Peña didn’t have any submission. I don’t know what was passing through her mind in the second round because when you’re going to fight for the title, you’re ready for seven rounds, and that was the second.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

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