“That’s pretty f*cking crazy,” Dana White thinks lifetime healthcare for UFC fighters is not possible

Dana White clarifies lifetime health care for UFC fighters' confusion at UFC 263 post-fight press conference. The boss says it is not possible.

Dana White
Dana White

For a short time UFC President Dana White made all the UFC fighters build up their hopes for an amazing change in healthcare as the boss teased a full-time healthcare for UFC fighters. But it all went down the drain when he clarified that it was all a misunderstanding.

During an Instagram Q&A hosted by UFC broadcaster Karyn Bryant, Dana White replied to a fan’s question that dealt with health benefits. “Will the UFC ever offer their fighters full-time health benefits so they can have them after their careers are over and possibly deal with life-altering issues from fighting?” the fan questioned. Dana responded to that question in the comments saying, “Soon”. This certainly gave a lot of hope to the fighters.

Dana White health benefits
Dana on Instagram

Recently at UFC 263 post-fight press conference, Dana spoke on that confusion and cleared it once and for all. “We’re working on stuff like that all the time,” White explained. “We’re working on this brain stuff. We’ve been spending millions and millions of dollars on brain studies for years. And now, all the psychedelic stuff is happening. So, we’re trying to figure out… a lot of guys are interested in that from — we think a lot of guys are interested. So, we’re looking into that. We’re always looking into making things better, safer, and whatever for the fighters.”

“Nobody does it” Dana White on lifetime health care for employees

Dana White
Dana White

In the post fight press conference, White continued saying that no one else does it. “I don’t know about healthcare forever. Does anybody have a job where they have healthcare forever when they leave? I mean, that’s pretty f—ng crazy. I don’t think anybody does it.”

Previously in an interview with UFC Arabia ahead of UFC 263, Dana clarified that he didn’t mean to reply to that comment. This certainly was a bummer to a lot of fighters. “Yeah, Uhm, that actually wasn’t a Q&A, that was on Instagram,” White said. “I responded to the wrong guy when I said ‘soon’ [laughs]. That was wrong actually, I responded — I noticed that later, that I had said, ‘soon’, but it was on the wrong post. I wasn’t talking to that guy. It was somebody else.“

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