“Get your sh*t together,” Daniel Cormier thinks Jon Jones should never be given the benefit of the doubt next time

Daniel Cormier puts out a video advising Jon Jones to get his act together.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones

Jon Jones‘ recent domestic violence arrest even has his biggest foe Daniel Cormier urging him to get his act together.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones have a long history of hate for each other. The two fighters last fought years ago at UFC 214 but still despise the other. Recently, Jon was arrested on the counts of domestic abuse and battery against his fiancee Jessie Moses. The incident caused a huge scene among the MMA community. DC put out a video on his YouTube channel addressing the recent issues.

Jones was recently banned momentarily from his gym Jackson Wink for his behavior. The fighter denied all accusations of the arrest and said he never laid hands on his fiancee. Cormier said, “The one thing at this point is that Jones will never get is the benefit of the doubt because we’ve done that in the past,” said DC. Cormier also was appreciative of Winkeljohn’s decision.

“Coach Winkeljohn’s decision shows what type of man he is, willing to step away from the money in order to stand on the grounds of what he believes. The next thing for me though is how serious must it be for a guy that’s walked out in front of thousands and thousands of people with you after the indiscretions to finally have enough and walk away.”

Daniel Cormier urges Jon Jones to quit for his daughters

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

Cormier believes the people that are most affected by this are his daughters. According to the police report, it was Jones’ daughter who asked for the police to be called. DC says that these incidents will have a huge impact on the child. “It makes me sad that his daughter said call the police. That’s the thing that saddens you. All those things you have got to think that it does not matter who you are or what type of person you are, those things have to make you look within yourself.”

Jones also recently tweeted out saying he was going to quit drinking for good and take care of his life. “Before you hit that send button on those tweets you have got to think about what you are saying. It seems as though you tell yourself so many lies that you start to believe them,” said Cormier on Jones’s recent tweets.

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