“After defeats like that, you tend to sit down on your hands and shut up” – Dominick Cruz hits out at Conor McGregor for lack of humility

Conor McGregor suffered a TKO loss due to a doctor stoppage against Dustin Poirier at the recently concluded UFC 264.

Dominick Cruz and Conor McGregor
Dominick Cruz and Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor was irate following his loss against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The pair met in the main event of the evening at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas . In the most unlikeliest of endings, McGregor broke his ankle towards the end of the first round, which resulted in the fight being awarded to Poireir, due to a doctor stoppage.

The Irishman lost it at the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. He fired a fussilade of mouthy expletives aimed towards both Dustin and his wife Jolie. McGregor who is usually humble in defeat (at least that’s how he has been until yesterday), looked completely out of his mind, when he muttered those angry words.

At the post-fight show, UFC bantamweight Dominick Cruz sounded totally unimpressed with Conor McGregor. He claimed that the Irishman should get on with it, and should have held his mouth. He also hit out at McGregor for his total “lack of humility.”

‘We’re not seeing the humility’ – Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz was quoted as saying, “After multiple losses like that, you tend to sit down on your hands and shut up. We’re not seeing that. We’re not seeing the silence, we’re not seeing the humility.”

He continued, “There’s a position where you get smashed sometimes and you have to accept that as a fighter. That is part of why we do martial arts, is to accept the losses and the wins and grow from them. When you don’t accept these losses, how do you grow? How do you fill the gap.”

Cruz, the former bantamweight champion is making his way back into the top half of the bantamweight rankings. He last beat Casey Kenney at UFC 259.

Conor McGregor says he will be back in 6 weeks

McGregor posted an update from the hospital following his surgery. He said, “The Notorious here. Just out of the surgery room — everything went to plan. Everything went perfectly. I’m feeling tremendous. We’ve got six weeks on a crutch now and then we begin to build back.

He then hit out at Poirier saying, “Dustin, you can celebrate that illegitimate win all you want, but you’ve done nothing in there. That second round would have shown all. Onwards and upwards we go, team. We dust ourselves off, we build ourselves back and we come back better than ever. Let’s go, team.”

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