“Couldn’t have played it out better”- Dana White lauds Dustin Poirier for picking the Conor McGregor trilogy ahead of the title fight in UFC 269

Dustin Poirier has plans for Poirier vs McGregor 3. Will it happen? UFC president Dana White has greatly appreciated Poirier for this decision

Dana White on Dustin Poirier
Dana White praises Dustin Poirier for thinking about Poirier vs McGregor 3

Dustin Poirier is having one hell of a year and now, if he wins the title fight, he will have the best year anyone has ever had in UFC history. He will take on Charles Oliviera for the lightweight title fight in the UFC 269 on December 11th.

Poirier is one of the best fighters in the lightweight division and also in the UFC. He has had an amazing win percentage this year as he defeated Conor McGregor twice and trust me, that’s not an easy task. Now that he will be taking on Oliviera, he will want to win the fight to continue his perfect win streak. Poirier has been training hard and is very determined to defeat Oliviera, according to his coach.

He has become somewhat of a household name ever since he trashed McGregor twice. The expectations from him to win the title will be sky high and he is very calm and also seems confident that he will match those expectations.

Charles Oliviera will also want to win the match to defend the title that he won from Micheal Chandler in the UFC 262 in May of 2021. Oliviera has been training extra hard for this match and UFC president Dana White is impressed with both, Poirier and Oliviera for battling adversities and coming so far.

Dustin Poirier has an insatiable hunger for fighting that he has proposed to fight Conor McGregor after his title fight with Charles Oliviera.

Dana White is impressed by Dustin Poirier’s planning

Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier will take on Charles Oliviera in the UFC 267

In a talk show, Dana White was seen talking about Poirier’s superior planning and strategizing. He said, “Yeah, he couldn’t have played it out better you know. He got criticized a lot for taking the Conor fight instead of the title fight, look at it, he’s got both the fights, and now he’s here for the title fight.”

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He continued, “Literally couldn’t have played it any better, and yeah, a win for him and getting this belt, literally changes his life.

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