“Fake doctors” tried to “cancel” Joe Rogan for his Coronavirus vaccine remarks

270 doctors signed the petition to "cancel" Joe Rogan's podcast, it has been now revealed that most of them weren't even doctors.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has once again made the headlines of controversy as his podcast that featured USA’s physician Dr. Robert Malone was removed from YouTube.

The commentator has been around the world of podcasts since the beginning and is popular for bringing on guests that are allowed to speak their minds and share their views. Amidst all the debates surrounding vaccines in the pandemic, Joe has been at the forefront to voice out against mandate vaccines. In a recent episode of JRE, he featured a physician, Dr. Robert Malone who has previously been part of several controversies related to COVID-19.

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Shocking! Joe Rogan podcast removed from YouTube over controversial vaccine content concerns

Joe has been suggesting that monoclonal antibodies have been working better than the COVID 19 vaccines in various episodes of his world-famous podcast. Recently, several doctors and scientists have put pressure on Spotify to take down the podcast. The episode that features Dr. Malone is on Spotify and is episode No. 1757. In the episode, the doctor opposes mandating vaccines for minors. Several right-wing politicians have slammed Youtube and Twitter for taking down clips of this video.

Out of 270 people who signed the open letter to “cancel” Joe Rogan only 87 were real doctors

Joe Rogan Covid-19

Recently it was revealed that around 270 Doctors from all around the world signed an open letter to Spotify to take down Rogan’s podcast, they accused him of spreading false information regarding the topic, and one of them even named him as the “menace to public health.”

Now it has been revealed that most of the people that signed this letter aren’t even real doctors, only 87 of them have a real degree, some of the other people who signed this contract are just people who run a podcast just like Rogan. When UFC’s president Dana White got affected by Coronavirus, he contacted Rogan for treatment, Rogan asked him to take some medicines, and he recovered pretty soon. Dana then came to his support in a recent interview, and he claimed the medicines he took aren’t even available in the market right now. (Source DailyMail.co.uk)

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